You may be wondering if your elderly loved one is safe to remain at home independently.  You may have noticed some things that concern you on a recent visit.  Here are some warning signs that a senior may need assistance and a brief “quiz” you can go through to determine how viable it is for an elder to continue living at home alone.

Read our article on 6 Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help at Home and look at areas such as:

  • Poor hygiene or untidy appearance
  • Reduced activity & isolation
  • Meal preparation & eating habits
  • Neglected finances, unopened mail, being victim of scams
  • Falls or unexplained injuries

Here is a quick quiz to determine whether further help might be needed.  You and your elderly loved one might benefit from a geriatric care management home safety assessment, especially if this quiz indicates some concerns.  Read each statement and indicate your answer as True, False or Somewhat/Sometimes.

  1. My elderly parent has good mobility.  He/she can walk around well within the house and get up and down from the bed and chair with little problem.
  2. My elderly parent can drive safely or has sufficient transportation set up so that he/she is able to get out to activities, appointments and to run errands as needed.
  3. My elderly parent continues to fix meals and eat a varied diet and can shop independently.
  4. My elderly parent has a good memory and is able to remember daily tasks and appointments.
  5. The home environment is safe and free of hazards (see our falls prevention checklist for more information).  My parent has a plan in place for emergencies and disasters.  The home is kept well-maintained, pest-free and fairly organized.
  6. My elderly parent maintains the same level of social interaction as he/she did three years ago.
  7. My elderly parent has a good local support system of family and friends who check in and can help in case of an emergency, as well as provide emotional and practical support on a regular basis.

If you answered True to all of these statements, your loved one seems to be doing well managing independently and has the supports in place for healthy aging-in-place.  Consider periodically reviewing this quiz, especially after any major health or social changes.  Congratulations on being proactive and taking steps to ensure your parent is aging wisely and well.  EasyLiving offers senior concierge services that may benefit your loved one…specially selected caregivers who can plan a special event, take your loved one out to a play or escort them to a family event.  We also offer gift certificates, so you can purchase services such as housekeeping and transportation for your loved one…a gift from the heart, that your loved one can really use.

If you answered False or Sometimes/Somewhat to some of these statements, it points to the possible need for some additional home care support services to ensure your loved one is safe aging in place.  CONTACT US for a free home care evaluation or just to discuss your quiz results and what eldercare options may be available to assist.