It’s a tale we’ve all heard – an elderly person fell down some stairs and broke his or her hip. The elder has an uphill climb ahead of them to a full recovery, or any recovery at all. Many people never fully recover, are stuck in a wheelchair or moved into an assisted living center. None of these scenarios has to be the case–most times with good rehabilitation, after care and support a senior that falls can return to a safe, independent lifestyle.

A similar event happened to a client of Easy Living’s. He fell down his stairs, broke his hip and completed rehabilitation. He wanted to return home after rehabilitation and with around the clock home care from Easy Living he was able to do so and rebuild his strength. He has returned to living completely on his own and he’s able to walk up and down his stairs again.

This isn’t a unique story. Easy Living helps elderly individuals every day live more independently and return back to health. Our home caregivers can provide transportation to medical appointments, help around the house, ensure medications are taken properly, cook nutritious meals and provide constant encouragement, all of which lead to returned health and living back at home independently.

EasyLiving supports independent living, healthy aging and prevention. Check out our Falls Prevention Checklist or contact us for more information on fall prevention or to schedule a free, in-home consultation.