As fall begins, people start to prepare for the holidays. When doing that, remember how to help the seniors in your life through the holiday season. This time of year can be challenging for seniors because they can feel isolated and unhappy. Use our tips to help reduce the feeling of loneliness for the seniors in your life.

Listen to Your Loved Ones
Actively listen to your loved one, even if they’re talking about something sad. An honest and empathic talk might help them deal with loss or new obstacles. It may show why they’re down and inspire solutions to cheer them up.

Plan Activities
If a senior is in a long-term care facility, ask the activities director, local schools, or extracurricular programs if they may organize virtual or distant visits or performances for the residents. Elders with physical or emotional pain can benefit from new hobbies and younger generations.

Help them Decorate
Help them decorate their long-term care home or room. Make sure these products are safe and decorate in stages to extend the fun. As elders unpack holiday decorations, listen to their tales and inquire about unique objects. Call or video chat if you can’t be present while they decorate. Removable window clings, garland, and artificial wreaths or flowers are easy-to-use decorations for senior housing.

Spend Time Together
Spending safe time with a senior will make them feel valued and included this season. Family photos, home videos, Christmas movies, seasonal music, and crafts. Some customs may take place outside (weather allowing), via FaceTime or Zoom, or with social distance and masks. Any time you can spend together is a gift.

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