As your loved one continues to age, do they need more help around the house, transportation assistance, remembering to take medication, etc.? Perhaps they have fallen once or twice, resulting in expensive hospital stays, and you taking time off a work to assist in their recovery. Maybe you are worried about their safety as they become forgetful and are not able to react to certain situations as quickly as they once were. Although there are other options out there such as an assisted living facility or moving in with a family member, we have provided three reasons why home health services could be the answer for you:

  1. Seniors prefer to stay in their own environment generally. Familiar surroundings are likely to help your loved one cope with the changes they are experiencing as they age and adjust to having someone in their home helping them. Rather than feeling as though they have lost their independence, or feeling uprooted by a move, they can maintain the daily activities that they are used to where they are comfortable. A change in environment can cause additional stress and impact sleep, appetite, mood and overall health. Senior home health services help avoid these issues. Continuing to live in one’s own home, surrounded by one’s own belongings and memories is also going to contribute to a positive attitude, and may help a person feel more comfortable with changes such as having someone in the home to help.
  2. Home health services as a solution can be used as a preventative measure. The idea of aging has a laundry list of safety and health benefits attached to it. By completing a falls prevention checklist, following a customized nutrition plan and using the proper medication management system, remaining at home with a little bit of help from a home health aide can be feasible. This can prevent crises and potential decline in health and wellness, often delaying or preventing nursing home placement.
  3. Home health services plans are flexible, affordable and customizable for your individual needs. Many are unaware of the flexible and affordable plans that some home health service agencies have to offer. If you or your loved one only need help for a few hours per day for household chores or meal preparation, short-term assistance while recovering from surgery or a procedure, someone to come in only in the morning for getting out of bed, dressed, groomed and at night to get ready for bed – an individualized home health services plan can be tailored to meet your needs on your schedule.  One-on-one care and attention provides a dignified and healthy solution as seniors age and experience health or memory concerns. Home health services can compliment the assistance families provide and fill in the gaps where needed, in the way that works best for each individual and family.

To learn more about EasyLiving’s flexible and affordable home health services plans, individualized to meet the needs of you or your loved one, request a consultation today.