What to Do and How to Prepare When Moving a Loved One Home from Assisted Living

Recently, we have had a couple of cases where families contacted us about moving a loved one home from assisted living. In some cases, families may be concerned about not being able to visit loved ones due to isolation restrictions. One family reached out because the daughter had lost her job and felt that she could offer Mom the support she needed in her home now that she could be there.

Assessing the Feasibility of Moving from Assisted Living

This is obviously a big decision to make and we advise families to approach it deliberately. The first step is assessing the elder’s needs and determining a plan for care at home. It is vital to be realistic and have a good understanding of what your loved one needs. Additionally (and especially right now), you must be prepared. There are many big things to consider such as the set up at home, handling medications, food preparation, personal care and safety. 

Contact us to talk with one of our care managers about getting an assessment. Get help being sure this is the right move and understanding your loved one’s needs.

The Details of Moving from Assisted Living

But, there are also many details that can be equally important. For example, has the facility been handling your loved one’s medications? Don’t forget you’ll need to figure out how to get them transferred and have them available with no gap. During the current crisis, it isn’t so easy to just run out for different needs. And, it won’t be easy to deal with tasks that might be needed like doctors’ visits.

You and your family should understand your loved one’s needs and what it will take to care for them at home. It will be important to prepare the environment, but also yourselves for the move. Moving from assisted living might sound like a great idea, but being a full-time caregiver can be quite challenging.

Know what to ask and what to consider. We have helped many families moving to and from assisted living and our experts are happy to share our insights and help you to make the best decision for your family.

Considering Moving Home from Assisted Living?

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