At EasyLiving, we pride ourselves on helping individuals live life to the fullest, not letting age, disability or disease affect quality of life. We are honored to help clients continue the activities the love even if they have health issues, mobility challenges or have given up driving. One of our clients loves dancing and we make sure she gets to her weekly dance night. Another client loves to go fishing with his caregiver and out to his favorite beach shack for a Florida grouper sandwich. Our “Drive to Thrive” Pinellas County senior transportation services were designed to ensure that giving up driving for health and safety reasons does not mean anyone has to give up the activities they need to do and enjoy doing.

While many clients come to us after a health crisis or when having difficulty managing on their own, we encourage clients and families to consider how home care services can be life-enhancing and be a boost to maintaining independence as one ages. For example, we often see where services for a few hours/day or week help individuals stay active or maintain a household when housekeeping and errands become more challenging. Our caregivers can also be partners in activities such as walking, which boosts not only physical health but has been shown to have a positive impact on aging brain health.

Building a relationship with a home health care company such as EasyLiving and getting acquainted with a home health caregiver increases an elder’s comfort level with such services. Care recipients tend to develop a rapport with the home caregiver who comes in to help around the home, and then for example, if the senior is hospitalized and needs someone to stay with them there or help more afterwords, there is someone to turn to for help. Our article about Creating an Eldercare Team offers some additional insight in to introducing home health care services and how senior home care can be invaluable to family caregivers.

May is Older Americans Month and this year the theme is “Connecting the Community” which honors both the ways elders contribute to a rich community as well as the technologies and supportive services that are helping seniors live a long, fulfilling life. We believe in our mission because we support living life to the fullest. We have created services and affordable home care plans in order to ensure age, disease or disability do not negatively impact quality of life.

Contact us for more information on home health care services and senior care support in Pinellas County, Florida at 727-447-5845.