Helping you navigate an increasingly complex system of elder care


Your care manager provides objective and professional guidance that helps you deal with a number of long-term care issues such as chronic disease management in a knowledgeable manner. We help you anticipate what is going to be needed, giving you choices and options.

Patient Advocacy

Having an advocate who knows the aging and health care systems means you get the best outcomes possible. Get answers quickly, know your options, and have someone to speak up for you when you need it most.

Crisis Intervention

We help navigate you through a crisis such as a hospitalization or chronic illness diagnosis by making recommendations and putting together a plan based on your desired outcomes. Available 24/7/365, so you never have to be left alone to deal with the tough situations.


Relocation Services

We can help you select appropriate options for retirement communities, assisted living nursing facilities and more. Serving as your advocate, we give you the real scoop on all aspects of the process to ensure you get the highest quality, most cost-effective care.

Local Resources

Our aging experts can link you with best the professionals in the community to meet your needs, including legal, financial, medical, and a variety of community services.

Family Mediation

The supportive relationship and ongoing quality assurance provides security for you and your loved one. Most importantly, we work to ensure that solutions are successful where others may have failed in the past.


Our care managers are well-respected experts providing professional opinions and options for courts, POAs, elder law attorneys and other professionals in establishing levels of care and determining long-term care needs.


Your care manager can help you budget and monitor finances with your POA, accountant and financial professionals. We can also help connect you to financial assistance programs and benefits with expertise in VA benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, long term care and health programs.

Advocating for Families & Seniors to ensure quality of care and optimal life


Helping Local Families

When you live nearby, the responsibility often falls on you to take care of everything your loved one needs. You shouldn’t have to do it alone. And, you can do a better job with expert help and support. Our care managers have helped thousands of families. We know the resources, logistics, and little “secrets” that can make caregiving so much easier. We help your approach difficult conversations, navigate changes, and coordinate needs so you can continue being a daughter, son, spouse, or parent.


Helping Out-Of-State Families

Long-distance caregivers face special struggles. You may worry about how Mom is doing on a daily basis or wonder how much Dad is covering up his memory problems or falls. You probably dread the phone ringing with a call from the hospital or other bad news. Many long-distance caregivers set up elaborate systems to try to check in and use all their vacation time to handle as many tasks as possible. With care management, there is a better way for you and your loved ones.