During this time, we tried to think of how we could help others. Our team wanted to explore what would help people most with the expertise we have to share. What we came up with are the Caregiver Coaching Calls described below.  We are offering these One-Hour Coaching Calls at no charge through the end of June.  If you are a caregiver, someone dealing with your own aging concerns, or a professional assisting families, we can help you!

Caregiver Challenges

There is always a little self-doubt that you are doing everything you can to help your loved ones in the best way. The day-to-day struggles of the aging process require knowledge of medical, legal, social, emotional, and cognitive issues. All this needs to be combined with creativity and a dash of determination to manage it all. We know that every family we work with is special and unique. However, our many years of experience have helped us understand the common threads of their problems and struggles. Let us help make the caregiving journey easier.

Solution: Caregiver Coaching Calls

Covid-19 Coaching Call: What should you be doing while your loved one is quarantined at a care facility?

This one-hour Caregiver Coaching Call gives you the opportunity to review your concerns about your loved one while you cannot see them. We provide guidance on the “right questions” to ask the facility to gain a deeper understanding of how your loved one is progressing. Your care manager will provide recommendations on how to keep a connection with your loved one and manage your stress. At the end of this call, you will have a working list of questions to review with the facility. You will also have actionable ideas to better connect with your loved one.

Covid-19 Coaching Call: How do you help your ill or compromised elder loved one best at home?

This call gives you the opportunity to prepare a Family Care Plan for your loved one at home.  The care manager will provide guidance on how to assemble a “Go To Folder” so your loved one’s important information is organized and ready to go in case of an emergency medical situation. At the end of this call, you will have a complete list of what you must have for any emergency situation with your loved one. You will also have a care plan tool that allows you to monitor the progression of your loved one’s abilities to complete their activities of daily living.

How to Plan a Safe Transition from the Hospital to a Facility (Nursing Home or Assisted Living) or Home

This Coaching Call provides you the information you need to know and coordinate to ensure a successful transition from the hospital to a facility or home. We guide you on how to work with the Discharge Planner and available resources. You will know what information you need to ensure continuity of care and ways to best advocate for your loved one. 

Medicare and/or Medicaid Benefits Coaching Call

This call may be beneficial to the caregiver or any retired individual.  We will review your current Medicare benefits, how to use the benefits for optimal health and care, and what is covered and not.  It will help families set realistic expectations about what help is available to them to support their loved one. During the call, we may review Medicaid benefit programs, various services, and their eligibility requirements as well.

Limited appointments are available. So, please call 727-447-5845 as soon as possible and ask to speak with Teresa Jackson, our Director of Care Management.  Appointments can be scheduled via telephone, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can also contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Download and share the flyer: EasyLiving’s Complimentary Caregiver Coaching Calls.