After a fall, injury or surgery, an elderly individual will have to complete some rehabilitation, just like any person would have to do. The difference is that more recovery might be needed for an elderly individual in order to make a full recovery. However, in many cases, elderly individuals don’t get that additional rehab. or follow-up to sustain gains made in rehab. that they need. Medicare or other insurance might say you have “X” amount of time or “X” number of appointments and once those are completed, you’re done, no matter if more work may be needed. If an individual has a harder time with therapy due to pain or complications, he or she may not fully benefit from the therapy received.

In some cases, an elderly person might have to go into assisted living after rehab. if they don’t make a full recovery as they hoped. With home care, an elderly person can receive the additional rehabilitation that is needed in the comfort of the home. Home caregivers can work together with the therapists and other medical professionals to help the person complete follow up exercises, build strength and follow doctor’s orders for wellbeing and safety. In home care compliments physical and occupational therapy and can help the person regain full independence as well as provide additional support while he or she is still recuperating.

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