We recently received this note from one of our client’s family members:customer feedback letters“Heartfelt thanks for Alicia-lovely! & Vera-lovely! & Wes-very responsible and diligent! and, especially, Peter!  They are all very special!” (with lots of exclamation points and hearts)*caregivers’ names changed

What a nice note for a home health company to receive!  We value all the feedback we get from customers, caregivers and professionals we work with, and have taken steps to specifically measure our home care performance through feedback.

As a home health care company, each day involves a complex puzzle of meeting the needs of multiple elders who may be ill and struggling with various changes and concerns.  While managing this “puzzle” the focus always need to remain on the individuals being served (and their family caregivers).

While home health care companies are focused on assisting clients with activities of daily living and safety at home, the care provided is so much more personal.  To provide quality home health care, a company must be dedicated to continued quality improvement.

EasyLiving’s specific home care quality strategy involves soliciting and measuring feedback on quality measures from both customers and caregivers.

We began a targeted program of Home Care Quality Assurance by using an independent company called Home Care Pulse in 2011.  We have recently been awarded the Home Care Pulse Quality Certification.

Additional Resources on Home Care Quality:

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