During the coronavirus pandemic, we believe that home remains the safest place, especially for elders and those with compromised immune systems or underlying conditions. Indications show that social distancing is effective to control the spread. Those who are able to stay in their homes with limited outside contact during the coronavirus pandemic will minimize their risk. For this reason, we feel fortunate to be able to provide personalized care and support that can keep people at home or limit exposure in group settings.

Additionally, as more community protection measures come into place, we will all be facing life lived on different terms. We have been working with clients on services and life enrichment to help during this time.

For example, we can assist with an array of supportive in-home services, such as:

  • housekeeping and maintaining a safe, hygienic home
  • laundry, ironing, organizing

To stay healthy in the home during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, we offer:

  • medication assistance
  • healthy meal preparation
  • personal and home hygiene

Life enrichment:

And, perhaps of equal importance, we offer companionship and activities to stay engaged during long periods at home. And, we can help clients maintain an exercise routine and “exercise for the brain” at home. Our experts are developing a cognitive enrichment program for facility and home-based clients, using their expertise about what clients enjoy but also what is best for brain health.

Staying connected during coronavirus pandemic isolation measures:

Additionally, we help clients look at options to stay connected. This is useful both socially and for telehealth and practical needs. This may mean being sure they are set up with a smartphone or pad and have necessary apps. In some cases, we help them set up an Amazon Alexa Dot or Echo Show. And, with this, we also make sure they know how to use the technology. We have a list of telehealth resources, from counseling to online medical consultations. We can also set up clients with grocery delivery services and other resources to get them what they need in the home.

Additionally, we can help with shopping for supplies and making sure clients have their medications. Our caregivers can provide transportation and ensure clients get any needed medical care.

Respite care:

Many of us are now working at home and also may have children at home, while caring for aging loved ones. Respite care services can offer you a bit of a break in balancing all of this. Our trained caregivers work to your specifications on tasks you need help with and caring for your loved one in the home. We can provide flexible services, from coming a few hours/day to give you time to focus on tasks or do things with your kids, or covering your weekly conference calls when you can’t be disturbed.

Care management and advocacy:

Our care managers have been working with clients on plans and being prepared with what they need. We are communicating with medical professionals and helping clients change non-essential appointments. Since most elective surgeries have been canceled and medical resources will become more stretched, we help clients monitor their medical needs and discussing options with health professionals.

Our team works to ensure clients and families get their questions answered. As their advocates, we also help with education and providing the latest information. And, importantly, we are working with clients on contingency care plans. With additional closures and restrictions, clients may face limited resources to help them. Now is the time to look at options.

We can work with clients and families via telephone, Facetime and other virtual tools to provide answers, listen to concerns, offer reassurance, and otherwise support them during increasing uncertainty. We know families feel anxious about the wellbeing of their vulnerable loved ones. It is our job to take away what uncertainty we can and serve as both a client and family support system and coordinator. Family stress may exacerbate existing disharmony and bring up disagreements. Our care managers serve as family mediators and can coordinate family discussions.

Clients living in care facilities during the coronavirus pandemic:

For our clients living in facilities, we monitor the facility’s plans and offer preparation and support services. As with our home-based clients, we work on creating a careplan and contingencies as well as keeping families in communication. As facilities may restrict visitors, we also look to technology options for staying connected. We talk to staff about the provisions for client care in the changing coronavirus pandemic situation.

Download our free checklist of questions to ask if your loved one is in a care facility during the coronavirus pandemic.

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