In the U.S., more than 125,000 people die each year from failing to take their medications properly. Medication problems result in $100 billion of costs to the healthcare system from preventable hospitalization, ER, and repeat physician visits.

The problem of medication management is especially troubling for seniors, with more than half making a mistake in taking medications. Some of these result in serious consequences and medication management is one of the biggest factors in early nursing home placement.

For this reason, most seniors can benefit from a trained caregiver assisting with self-administered medication. EasyLiving medication assistance training includes:

  • State law and rule requirements about self-administration of medications in the home
  • Procedures for assisting the client with medication self-administration
  • Common medications
  • The importance of taking medications properly
  • Recognizing side effects and adverse reactions
  • What to do when clients appear to be experiencing adverse reactions
  • Reading prescription labels and instructions
  • Documentation

Our caregivers must demonstrate mastery of the medication skills learned in training. Our RN provides the training and oversight of our medication assistance program.

Stay safe and make sure your medical treatment is working effectively!

Hire our trained caregivers for medication assistance.

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