EasyLiving has achieved a quality home health award called the “Best of Home Care” from Home Care Pulse, for our record of customer ratings.  Home Care Pulse is an independent company that surveys our customers and caregivers and benchmarks our quality against the top quality home health companies across the nation.

The Best of Home Care award means that we rank in the top percentile of home health companies for one or more of the categories rated by our clients, over a 12 month period.

Why does this matter to us, and what does should customers look for when searching for quality home health and other care providers?

  • This is one way we carry out our home health mission, putting it in to practice in what we do each day.  Our mission is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care services to the community.  By asking our customers for feedback systematically, we find out if we really are providing the best in home care services and serving the community.  By surveying our staff independently, we find out if there are areas where our support and preparation for them is lacking.
  • Your home health and other care providers should encourage transparency.  You should seek honesty and integrity in providers who are assisting you and your loved ones with such personal and vital care.  This means a provider that is willing to admit to mistakes, hear your honest input and share its results with you.  You may want to read a message from our Executive Director, Alex Chamberlain, about EasyLiving’s transparency and lessons caregivers can apply when hiring any care provider.
  • You might benefit from reading Five Tips for Choosing a Quality Home Care Provider for additional ways you can find the top home health providers.
  • Check out reports on Florida home health companies and other regulated care providers at Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration website.

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