The senior care industry is booming and home health care agencies are busy working to help seniors stay in their own homes.  Florida home health care agencies face the challenge of finding qualified, quality employees to assist their senior clients.   If you are a senior or family member searching for home care assistance, you may want to read our “Hiring Home Caregivers” or contact us with questions.

Should you consider working for a Florida home health care agency?  Would you enjoy a home health job?

What are some reasons you might consider working as a home health aide or companion for a Florida home health agency?

  • The job is flexible.  Home health aides are needed round-the-clock and for all different types of assignments.  You can work with a large variety of clients and take on several small assignments or focus more on one customer requiring many hours of home help.  You work in different settings, from being with a person at home to taking a client to appointments or helping sit with him or her at the hospital.
  • You get to work independently, but with the support of a team.  A Florida home health agency is required to have management staff to support you and many will provide extra training and support for any concerns you have.  EasyLiving, for example, offers a full paid training schedule and experienced eldercare professionals to help with your care plan and ideas for client concerns.  If you get sick or need to leave an assignment, the home health team is there to find a substitute caregiver.
  • The work is personally rewarding.  You have the opportunity to care for elderly clients and help them stay safe and healthy at home–where they want to be.  Families appreciate the support when they cannot provide all the care needed, or especially when they live at a distance.  You get to know some pretty great clients and spend one-on-one time with them.  Working in home care, specifically, allows you to tailor care to meet the individual’s need versus working on the tight schedule and rules of a senior care facility.  Check out our Home Caregiver profiles for more on why our caregivers enjoy working with EasyLiving home care.

How can I get a job with a Florida home health care agency?

  • There are specific rules laid out by the state for licensed Florida home health agencies regarding employment and management.  You will typically need to have your home health aide certification or be a certified nursing assistant to provide hands-on care.  Some home health agencies also hire companions to do non hands-on work.
  • Each agency may have its own hiring and interview process in addition to the basic Florida requirements about certifications and background checks.  If you are interested in employment with EasyLiving, we encourage you to visit our Home Health Jobs Page where you can download our application.  We also invite prospects to come by our office to fill out applications (or drop yours off) and take the next steps towards your home health job!

Working at a home health agency provides you some additional benefits that working independently will not.  In addition to having a team to back you up and assist with any problems, provide training and suport, your agency also takes care of technical aspects like payroll and taxes.  If you become injured on the job when working privately, your protection may be minimal.  The home health agency also works hard to find new clients and can therefore offer you a variety of job assignments to meet your needs.