EasyLiving’s Top Tips to Maximize Your Medicare Home Health Care Plan in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

Many seniors are knowledgeable consumers who know money’s value and actively search out ways to save money. But have they thought about how they use their Medicare benefits? Taking use of these advantages can help save money, but may also benefit your health.

Here are five methods from EasyLiving in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, and Temple Terrace, FL to maximize your Medicare home health care coverage this year.


1.) Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage

Last fall, almost 67 million Americans chose their Medicare coverage. Instead, more than one-third picked Medicare Advantage, which combines Medicare Parts A and B. Prescription drug coverage is often included as well, which may explain why total Medicare Advantage membership climbed by around 9% between 2019 and 2020. Understanding those extra features and benefits can help you maximize your plan.


2.) Review Your Plan’s Advantages

Coverage and benefits information is usually available online or in printed plan paperwork. To “exercise” all your possibilities, look for extra features in many Medicare Advantage plans, such as fitness benefits.


3.) Use Preventive Care Benefits

Every Medicare beneficiary gets an annual wellness visit. Mammograms and colonoscopies are covered as well. These services can help diagnose and treat health issues early on, and your yearly wellness visit is an excellent time to discuss your goals for the coming year with your doctor.


4.) Prepare for the Maximum Out-of-Pocket Annual Expenses

The cost of Medicare varies depending on your situation and your coverage. Original Medicare covers 80% of Part A and Part B expenses, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, and lab testing. The individual is responsible for the remaining 20%, with no annual cap.

Medicare Advantage plans have predictable copays and annual deductibles. After you hit your plan’s out-of-pocket maximum, all Medicare-covered services expenditures for the rest of the year will be paid at 100%. That cap might provide you peace of mind if you get sick or need to have significant surgery.


5.) Look for Prescription Medicine Savings

Original Medicare does not cover prescription drugs (Parts A and B). Many people pick a Medicare Advantage plan, which generally includes pharmaceutical coverage.

Using home delivery pharmacy services might help you save money and time. Some home delivery alternatives allow you to order a three-month supply of medication for less than you would pay at a local pharmacy.

If you prefer to utilize a retail pharmacy, find out if your plan provides one because this often means a reduced copay.

Changing to a cheaper medicine can also help save money. If a generic drug or one on your plan’s formulary (list of covered drugs) works just as well for you, ask your doctor about it.


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Using these Medicare recommendations could result in more money in your pocket and improved health, allowing you to live your best life. For more information on how you can save on your Medicare home health care plan, contact EasyLiving in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, and Temple Terrace, FL.