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A caregiver job description could be quite long. In-home caregivers, in particular, help clients with a wide range of duties and the days can be quite different. Many caregivers enjoy the work for just this reason. They get to work in home settings, versus being in an office all day, and they have a lot of variety on the job.

A video from some of our EasyLiving caregivers might help you better understand what it’s like to be a home caregiver. They share why they chose to work as EasyLiving caregivers:

Caregiver Job Description: Rules and Regulations

There are different state regulations about what can be included in a caregiver job description. In Florida, there are some different types of caregivers: companions and home health aides/CNAs. Companions are not allowed to provide “hands on care”; their job duties should be limited to errands, household help, transportation and the like. Home health aides (or Certified Nursing Assistants) can do all of those duties, as well as providing hands on care such as grooming, bathing and toileting assistance. Home health aides cannot provide skilled nursing services, which includes managing medications. In Florida, they can provide medication reminders only.

Each state has different rules regulating home health companies and other entities providing in-home care, so check with your state to find out what duties can be included in a caregiver job description and what cannot. If you are hiring an in-home caregiver on your own, there might be more flexibility in the job duties, but you will be foregoing oversight. Be careful not to extend the caregiver job description beyond what the person is qualified for or can reasonably handle. This can be especially tough if you hire a “live in” caregiver and do not sufficiently build in caregiver respite and supervision.

Caregiver Job Description: Determining a Care Plan

A care plan can help set the expectations for what is needed and desired by the client from the caregiver. At EasyLiving, we create a personal care plan for each client based on history and routine information we gather. This care plan is reviewed and modified as needed. It sets the guidelines for what the caregiver(s) will do in the home on each visit and gives specific instructions. Setting up such expectations from the start is the best way to ensure a successful home care experience.

The caregiver job description outlined in the care plan might include: household duties (Does the client like all items to be ironed or have instructions for laundry? What light housekeeping should be done on which days?), errands (Will the client need rides to appointments? Does the client need help with shopping and where does she prefer to shop?), companionship (Would the client like the caregiver to eat meals with him? Does the client enjoy quiet time reading or prefer conversation or certain activities? Does the family want the caregiver to assist the client on outings?), and personal care (Does the client like to take a bath or be helped in the shower? Does the client like to be ready and dressed early each day, or prefer to take a bath at night?).

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If you’re a CNA or Home Health Aide in Florida, check out our home health jobs page for more information and our employment application.