Requirements for CNA Reciprocity: How to Transfer Your Certified Nursing Assistant License to Florida from Other States

For Certification by Reciprocity, the requirements are as follows (found in Section 464.203 of the Florida Statutes). You must:

  • currently, be certified in another state AND
  • listed on that state’s certified nursing assistant registry AND
  • not been found to have committed abuse, neglect, or exploitation in that state
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There are specific rules regarding those who have convictions, criminal history or have been involved in healthcare fraud seeking to transfer their certified nursing assistant license. Applicants transferring their CNA license must submit electronic fingerprints. You can read more details about transferring your certified nursing assistant license and reciprocity rules on the Florida Board of Nursing site.

How to Transfer Your Certified Nursing Assistant License to Florida: Process Guidelines

You can apply to the Florida Board of Nursing for reciprocity of your C.N.A. license with another state, without being required to take the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant exam. The process for how to transfer your Certified Nursing Assistant license is as follows:

  • Submit completed application to the Florida Board of Nursing.
  • Complete the electronic fingerprinting process.
  • The Florida Board of Nursing will determine your eligibility based on results of background screening.
  • Once all materials are submitted, an application specialist will review them. You may be asked for additional information.
  • The Board of Nursing will attempt to verify your license in the jurisdiction in which it is held.
  • If the Board Office is unable to verify the license, they will send you a license verification form to be completed by the jurisdiction where you hold your current license.
  • If you meets all requirements, you will be placed on the Florida Registry.

Certified Nursing Assistants: Florida Statutes and Rules

Florida Chapter 464, Part 3 covers Certified Nursing Assistants. Related statutes include Chapter 456 (Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions), Chapter 435 (Employment Screening) and Section 408.809 (Background Screening–prohibited offences) as well as Chapter 64B9-15 of the Administrative Rules.

Fees for Transferring Your CNA License to Florida from Another State

Applicants are responsible for the fees incurred for electronic fingerprinting, which varies from provider to provider.

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