EasyLiving recently sat down with some of our home caregivers and asked them to share with us about why they chose a caregiving career at EasyLiving, what rewards they get working as a home caregiver, and how their senior clients inspire them.  Check out EasyLiving’s caregiving video to learn more and get some caregiving inspiration from a great group of home caregivers:

If you are considering a career as a senior home caregiver, we hope this video provides some caregiving inspiration.  As you can see in these interviews, many caregivers begin work in senior care or healthcare because of an inspiration–whether it be a family caregiving experience or a personal desire to do mission-driven work.  Many caregivers have had exposure to a senior who made a significant impact, or find themselves drawn to a helping career.

Many home health aides or  certified nursing assistants who may choose to work in a variety of settings find that home health care is the best fit for them.  They enjoy the flexibility to tailor care to a particular client and focus on that individual.  For the same reason that many seniors enjoy being able to stay in their own home with assistance versus a group/facility setting, home caregivers tend to enjoy the flexibility and personalization of this work.

If you are considering a career in home health care, you might want to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel a desire to help individuals, particularly seniors?  Do you feel most rewarded by a feeling of purpose in your work?
  • Can you work independently, do you enjoy/thrive working on your own?  Do you need the camaraderie of work colleagues every day or structure of the same routine each day (though home care companies like EasyLiving offer support and opportunities to interact with colleagues and office staff, your work is primarily in the field on your own)?
  • Do you like the challenges of working with different individuals and personalities, being creative and getting things just right to make things a little better for someone?

At EasyLiving, we have worked hard to do things differently, and this means everything that we do is targeted to our mission.  Our home health mission: Our goal is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care to the community.  We know that our services to clients are only as strong as our team members.

While our home health aides may be out in the field working creatively with clients in a variety of environments, we never want them to feel unprepared or alone in the job.  We focus on training, support and feedback to help create this successful environment.  We are pleased that these caregivers heard about that difference when considering where to work, and have chosen to stay with EasyLiving as they see evidence of that difference.  We know we always have work to do to improve, and will remain focused on this mission.

If you are a home health aide or certified nursing assistant considering employment opportunities, we hope this message strikes a cord with you.  We’d love to consider you for employment here.  Click below to get our employment information/application:

If you are a senior client or family caregiver seeking out home care services, we hope this sheds a little light on what you might want to look for in hiring a home health agency and caregivers.  We have a variety of articles on how to identify quality home care services, what questions to ask about a home care agency’s mission and systems and more!  If you’d like to get monthly tips and helpful articles, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter:

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