June 16th-23rd is National Nursing Assistants Week and we honor the caregivers who do such important work!Honoring Home Health Aides

Nursing Assistants work in a variety of settings, helping elderly individuals and those with disabilities or illnesses.  They play a vital role in the long-term care system, helping individuals with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and grooming.  Dignified care by a nursing assistant can make a huge difference to someone’s life when facing an illness or disability.  Our nursing assistants are the heart of the home care we provide for clients in the Clearwater area.  Here is a little information on this meaningful career for those who would like to learn more:

What motivates individuals to consider a career in home health?

Most caregivers who come to work for EasyLiving tell us about their personal life experiences as elder caregivers.  Some were inspired by an elderly person in the family (a favorite grandma), or a loved one who had a career in a caring profession.  Many professional home caregivers have felt comfortable caring for others for most of their lives, whether children in the family or elderly relatives.  Other home health caregivers aspire to a career in nursing or another caring profession and while they are working towards their goal, find home health caregiving to be a valuable experience and fulfilling work.

What does it take to be a home health caregiver?

In order to provide hands-on, personal care in the state of Florida, a caregiver must be a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) or Home Health Aide (H.H.A.).  There are a variety of courses that can be done to prepare for the examination and practical skills needed.  Some personal care assistants start out doing home care companion work, where hands-on care is not provided but they assist with elder companionship, senior transportation, help around the household, meal preparation and other activities to help seniors remain safe and healthy at home.

The most important qualities for someone considering a career as a home health aide are personal traits, such as compassion, patience and an enjoyment of working with the elderly.  You have to be a hard worker too, as the job is not always easy and can be physically demanding.  You have to feel rewarded by the knowledge of helping and know that even when your care recipient doesn’t (and perhaps cannot) acknowledge you, you are making a difference to him or her.

What types of duties does a home health aide or certified nursing assistant carry out?

It depends on the setting in which you work.  In a nursing home or hospital setting, a certified nursing assistant helps multiple patients as they need assistance…with everything from transferring and getting to the bathroom to bathing/showering patients.  In a  skilled home health care agency, a home health aide will typically visit several patients during the day to help with showering or perhaps getting out of bed and dressed in the morning (or vice versa in the evening) while the patient is receiving skilled home health services such as physical therapy and nursing.

In a private duty home care agency like EasyLiving, a home health aide may be assigned to one patient for several shifts or may work with a couple of clients.  Duties are usually fairly varied, as home caregivers do everything from helping the senior bathe and get dressed to preparing meals and running errands.  A big part of the home caregiver’s role is often companionship as well, and private duty homecare often allows the caregiver to get to know the client and provide consistent care.

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