When you become a caregiver, whether suddenly or gradually, you wade (or are thrown) into new waters. You find yourself learning a whole new language…ADLs, level of care, dementia, Alzheimers, Medicare, Medicaid and on and on.

The logistics themselves can be a lot to navigate, but then there is the emotional side of things. When providing elder care, you have someone depending on you but they don’t want to feel “dependent”. This is often your parent, someone you turned to for advice and support throughout life. Or, maybe they were not there for you and this situation is even more complicated. So, you also have to navigate how you approach things, family dynamics, decision making, and everyone’s emotional responses.

Even when you have a lot of support, what you need is reliable, professional advice and input from a neutral and experienced point of view. It helps immensely to just hear you are doing your best. And, let’s be honest, being a caregiver can feel lonely even when you have supportive friends and family.

Therefore, EasyLiving developed our Caregiver Coaching Service to address what caregivers tell us they most need. Now, you can access professional advice, support, and coaching for any elder care issue you encounter, conveniently from anywhere in the world.

Solution: On-Demand Family Caregiver Coaching Service

What is it?

An affordable subscription service that gives you access to professional caregiver coaching. You might be familiar with services like Talkspace and Better Help that have revolutionized access to counseling services. This program brings that same type of convenience and peace of mind to family caregivers. You’re just a click or call away from quick and easy access to professional support leading to clarity and stability.

You get the help you want – when you need it – from an experienced professional who will listen to your concerns, and help you to navigate through the challenges of being a caregiver. We will help you to prioritize your concerns, and strategize together to make a plan and then assist in accessing what you need.


  • Peace of mind
  • Reduced stress
  • Easy access to expertise when you need it
  • A professional aging expert to talk to when something is bothering you or weighing you down
  • Avoiding pitfalls and easily finding solutions
  • Companionship on the journey of caregiving: an end to struggling alone or worrying if you’re doing the right thing
  • Better organization of tasks, documents, contacts: time and stress savings
  • Improved outcomes for your loved ones, both the care recipient and other family relationships
  • Cost savings: saving you time, money, and anguish. A predictable, affordable monthly membership that offers you information and resources to help with costs and quality of care

What’s Included with Your Caregiver Coaching Membership:

  1. Assessment to identify key issues
  2. 90 minutes of on-demand access to an expert Aging Life Care Coach to address concerns you are facing via text, call, email or video call
  3. Connections to local resources for any needed care or direct support
  4. Family Room Portal: calendar, to-do list, contact list
  5. Monthly educational newsletter

Caregiver Coaching in Action

Dad’s Being Discharged from the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility

You are told that Dad will be discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility. You need to make arrangements to be sure Dad has what he needs at home (or back in his ALF or retirement community). The facility typically may arrange Medicare home health, but with the support of a Care Coach you can prioritize tasks, think through all the potential challenges, and get an organized plan in place.

Your Loved One Gets a New Diagnosis

An older family member gets diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness. You set up a call with your caregiver coach to talk through questions such as: What does my parent need to be doing differently? What do I need to be doing differently? How will this impact my life? What do I do next? What do I need to be thinking about today and for future planning? It is easy to be overwhelmed in this moment, so this is the perfect time to have a professional coach at your service to talk through the situation.

Cognitive Issues Getting Worse

Your loved one’s memory problems are getting worse. Perhaps neighbors or friends have contacted you to “do something about it” but you aren’t sure what that something is. You can access expert advice to help strategize and develop an appropriate plan. This gives you peace of mind that you’re taking the right steps.

Something’s Not Right

You have a million things going on, but your Mom is always on your mind. You feel like she’s just not as engaged as she used to be. Something is not the same and you worry you are missing something. By asking the right questions, your coach can help you figure out how to approach the situation and some possible issues to check. They can also suggest resources and creative solutions get Mom engaged again and be sure she is healthy and happy.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Contact us at 727-447-5845 or 813-333-5020 to discuss your concerns and learn more about how our Caregiver Coaching Service can benefit your family.