We recently celebrated our first combined company retreat for EasyLiving and Aging Wisely.  We had an inspiring day, with a lot of information shared and some wonderful guest speakers.  We have posted some pictures and information from the day on our Facebook page, with more to come.  Alex Chamberlain, EasyLiving’s Executive Director, provided our team with an overview on mission and vision.  Here is Alex’s message:

I live this mission every day. This is how we make every decision in EasyLiving. If it doesn’t fit in to this triangle we don’t do it.

This is the story I share with clients when I sign them up for services. It’s the same story I share in orientation when we hire new caregivers and the same story I share with our referral sources when I meet with them. It is OUR story:

I truly believe that for home care to be successful and for our company to be successful we need to do everything we possibly can to make our caregivers successful…

I want to train them the best.

I want to treat them the best.

I want to provide them with the best tools to accomplish their jobs.

I believe at EasyLiving we are doing that.

We have a training program dedicated to improving our caregivers’ skill sets…things like dementia redirection tips, communication and more.  We provide that program and we pay caregivers for spending time in training.

I want to treat them the best–creating a culture of rewarding good behavior and performance. We have done this through our iCaRewards program. We reward our caregivers for positive behaviors that we wish to see more of, such as turning in their time sheets on time or helping out with a new client. We even give caregivers extra points for attending training classes.  Our caregiver coaching opportunities are also part of this system, to encourage and support caregivers’ ongoing development.

I want to set them up to succeed on every case.  To do so, we need to give them the right tools and information as we do with our care plans, a map/directions to each client’s home, life history and daily routines forms.

And by creating this environment and culture, what we ask for in return is that caregivers make the client the number one priority.

At the bottom of our triangle is our goal, the result of what we do: we do not let our clients age, disease, or disability affect their quality of life. But without that culture of setting up our caregivers for success, the end result–our goal–will never happen.

I also want to share with you why I created this mission statement.  It was from a deep sense of disappointment in what I saw in the home care industry.  I did not see other home care companies putting people in front of profits.

To truly make a difference in our community we have to find a way to hold on to our values while making a profit. And it is because of our strong mission and united purpose at EasyLiving and Aging Wisely that we have  been able to unite commerce with compassion.

We wear our mission and philosophy like a badge of honor. We don’t hide who we are and I am proud of that.  It makes me proud that I’m apart of an organization that is truly vested and interested in changing lives…from the caregivers we put to work to the clients we service.

If this sounds like a place you would want to work, check out our employment opportunities.  We are always looking for great people to join our Clearwater home health team and be part of our mission!

If you want to know more about our services and how we can help you or someone you love, give us a call at 727-447-5845.  We are here to help you!