active aging

Today in our active aging series, we’re glad to share a great article from our local Tampa Bay Times on seniors in our area who exemplify active, healthy aging. The article points to a research project last year which showed that older people who exercise regularly have the aerobic capacity of people half their age. Another study this year reinforced that staying active equals a higher quality of life (this study was more about generally being active and engaged versus vigorous exercise).

The 92-year old regular tennis player quoted in the article offers sage advice, “Keep moving, regularly” and he adds, “We always try to look at the pleasant side of things even when bad things happen. Giving up is no good at all.”

An 82-year old runner shares her story of starting to run 35 years ago and recently winning her age group in the Gasaprilla 5K by over 8 minutes. The oldest woman with a better time was 20 year younger. She lives in a retirement community and sees how inactivity can age you, stating “There shouldn’t be one day that you don’t exercise …unless you’re bedridden. And even then, you can sit on the side of the bed and move your arms and legs.” She knows the benefits of exercise in any form, sharing her advice: “It’s amazing what you can make your body do, no matter what age you are. If you don’t exercise, get your body in tone, make sure your balance is good, you lose the ability to handle life. It makes you mentally alert, too.”

Everyone’s situation is different, but these examples highlight the benefits of staying active in some form and show how exercise can counteract age-related declines. You can read some of our other Active Aging Blog Posts for more: Resolution Active Aging and Exercise and Balance for Seniors.

Our team is here to help you stay active! An EasyLiving home caregiver can help ensure you can still do your favorite activities (or even a modified version). We can drive you to events, help plan an outing, take regular walks together or help you stay motivated with your exercise routine. Our senior home companions can keep you mentally engaged, cook you healthy meals and accompany you on outings.

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