In our latest Florida home health and healthy aging post, our guest writer shares some information on a neat program being run by Florida Hospital.  This program is a great example of where hospitals are doing more outreach in to the community and encouraging home health and lifestyle programs, education and continued care.  With a new year, it is a great time to resolve to make some health lifestyle changes–check out what this program is doing and get some great ideas you can incorporate.  EasyLiving will be doing a series on health and safety for seniors so keep an eye out for all our great tips and resources!

Do you want to live to celebrate your centennial birthday? Seniors are maintaining active lifestyles well into their golden years, and advances in healthcare are making chronic health conditions and diseases of aging more manageable. An increasing number of older adults are reaching their 100-year birthdays, or at least considering it a very real possibility.

Florida Hospital has created an innovative program designed to do just that: Help people reach the age of 100. At the fresh start of a new year, why not consider setting your own health and wellness goals? The Healthy 100 program is a free service reaching beyond its own walls, including area churches, local businesses and even entire cities.

The primary focus of the Healthy 100 program is on preventative measures which help participants maintain active lifestyles longer in life. The goal, of course, isn’t just to reach the age of 100 but to reach it in a state of good health. It’s never too late to start developing positive habits. Specifically, the program is focused around eight core principles, known as the CREATION Health Breakthrough model:

  • Choice
  • Rest
  • Environment
  • Activity
  • Trust
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Outlook
  • Nutrition

Anyone may join the Healthy 100, absolutely free, and start participating in activities, monitoring their wellness and taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The Healthy 100 website is packed with useful resources, including articles surrounding health issues and best practices, recipes for healthy eating and even a network to connect with other health-focused members for mutual support and encouragement.

Want to know where your health stands today? Joining the website is never a stand-in for consulting a physician, but there are a few tools to give you an idea of your current health status, including a body mass index calculator, target heart rate calculator and a calorie burn calculator to help you track how many calories you’re burning off with your fitness activities. For those embracing the power of technology, the free Healthy 100 – Tupperware Water iPhone Application helps you track whether you’re consuming the right amount of water each day.

Perhaps most relevant to the goal of the program: A longevity calculator, which gives members an idea of their life expectancy based on a number of factors, such as current age, weight, habits and daily activities. If your goal is to live to be 100, you can continuously monitor your progress and watch your life expectancy rise as you change your habits for the better.

Even if you’ve never considered the possibility of reaching your centennial birthday, the Healthy 100 program is a valuable set of tools and resources for seniors who want to make some positive changes in their daily lifestyles and improve overall health. It’s the start of a new year – why not kick off 2013 with some improvements to your healthy lifestyle?

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