best of 2012 EasyLivingMany websites and blogs recap their “Best of 2012” or share their top blog posts.  It is a great way to wrap up the year and also remind readers of top resources and popular posts, especially for those who may have missed them. 

We thought we’d do that here, but in a slightly different way, using a style we have seen in some of the varied blogs we read for interests such as travel.  So, rather than just recap our top home health care and caregiver posts, we’ll share top posts along with some other categories.  We hope this provides you some good reading and helpful resources–to put 2013 off to a well-prepared start!

EasyLiving’s Top 3 Caregiver Blog Posts of 2012:

Senior Care Advice: Managing a Hospital Stay

This post covers a vital topic for seniors and caregivers, because a hospital stay is a critical time for the person–both in terms of finding solutions to the current health issue as well as planning for good health and safety moving forward.  A hospital stay can also be dangerous for seniors, who are especially susceptible to infections, delirium, and falls.  In this post, we share ways to prepare for the hospital stay, manage the hospitalization and consider after-care/home care options for continued safety.

Concierge Services for Seniors: Travel Assistance

We love travel and how it can enrich anyone’s life experiences!  We also believe that our elders should be able to continue with favorite activities despite health or physical limitations, from local activities to special travel.  But, it can be difficult to figure out the logistics when someone needs assistance walking or managing various needs during a trip.  Not everyone knows that some home health companies like EasyLiving offer Concierge Services for Seniors, to help with travel logistics and safety.

Coping with Aging Parents: Maybe Now is Not Time for “The Talk”

This was a holiday post, that we did in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas when many family caregivers visit older relatives.  Loved ones may spot issues of concern or decide to take advantage of time together to have “the talk” about concerns and home care/assisted care needs.  While we encourage open communication and facing these issues before a crisis, read about how we think you might better use holiday times together and how to plan “the talk” for a better approach.

Most Overlooked Resource for Caregivers:

Alzheimer’s Specialty Care: Dementia Care Tips

Nearly 15 million Americans provide unpaid care to a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia (Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures, 2011).  Dementia caregiving can be particularly challenging due to the behavioral issues that may be present and the progressive nature of the disease.  Bringing together our years of dementia home health care experience with professional expertise, we created a dementia care ebook that is free to download.  In this post, we offer the Alzheimer’s Care eBook as well as some of our related posts for dementia caregivers.  We hope more people get the chance to check out this resource, and we encourage you to share it if you know someone it could help!

Most Beautiful Post:

This is a category we have seen in recaps on travel blogs, and it may seem a little strange for a home health care blog.  But, we think caregiving is a beautiful thing also.  In tribute to the beuaty of caregiving, we hope these two posts provide a little inspiration and reflection:

Watch: EasyLiving Caregivers Share Some Caregiving Inspiration

Thanks!: A Tribute to Caregivers

We would love to hear your stories of the beauty of caregiving–how you have grown as a person from caring for another or some of the fun stories or lessons you have received from an elder.  We encourage you to leave a comment or join us on Facebook or Linkedin to share!

Tell us what you would like to see in 2013!  Please share how we can best help you with home health care and caregiver resources–you can leave a comment or fill out our feedback form to contact us privately.  We would like to know what you need (and want) to know!

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