Sequoia CopelandSequoia Copeland has been selected as EasyLiving’s February Inspirational Home Caregiver.

Deniz Curler, EasyLiving’s Director of Operations, shares, “If I could create the perfect caregiver, it would be Sequoia. When she is with a client, she is 100% dedicated to their care and their well being. She is genuine with her compassion and creative with her methods. We have yet to have a client that has one criticism for her. They have each repeatedly expressed their gratitude for having her in their lives.”

Sequoia knows exactly how to care for a client without crossing boundaries but yet making a real difference in their lives. That is a rare skill and she has mastered it. She always has a positive can-do attitude and can adapt her behavior to accommodate any type of client. She is wise beyond her years and has an impeccable work ethic. Deniz and all the office staff agree, “She is a dream come true. She stays true to her schedule, never calls-off, always helps in a pinch and is the definition of a team player. We are grateful to have her on our team and thank her for her hard work and dedication!”

Simona Bain, EasyLiving’s Staffing Director, echoes Deniz’s comments, ” Sequoia is remarkable caregiver. She is a hard worker and will help out in a pinch. She makes staffing easy for me!”

About the Inspirational Home Caregiver Award: EasyLiving selects an Inspirational Caregiver each month from five finalists demonstrating high quality senior caregiving. Senior home caregivers do such important work and we get inspiration each and every day from the professional care and kindness we see demonstrated by our team.This award is our way of saying thank you and recognizing our quality caregivers, but also sharing the inspiring work they do with the larger community to bring awareness to quality eldercare.

Congratulations to our wonderful nominees this month:

Ramon David

Deann Taylor

Michele Mancuso

Desiree Johnson

About iCaRewards™: We created our unique iCaRewards as a fun way to support (and reward!) our home caregiver team. This program consists of various incentives, fun events and initiatives like the Inspirational Caregiver Award. Our mission is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care to the community.

For more information about a career as an EasyLiving home caregivers, check out our Home Health Careers page. For information on quality home caregivers for you or your family members throughout Pinellas County, Florida, give us a call today at 727-448-0900!