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EasyLiving rounds up our educational information about holidays and the elderly (and caregiving) here for you. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! We encourage you to reach out to us for help at any time; we are available throughout the holiday season. We can provide extra assistance with holiday shopping, gift wrapping and other tasks; caregiver respite for holiday travel; senior travel companions and elderly concierge services; help during holiday crises or to assess concerns you spot during visits with elderly loved ones and more!

Holidays and Elderly Caregivers

Tips for Senior Caregivers at the Holidays: Whether you are a family member caring for an aging loved one or a professional home caregiver or in-home senior care provider, the holidays can be a stressful time. Grief and loss may be exacerbated, whether it is literal loss of loved ones or loss of other roles due to caregiving responsibilities. Caregivers and elders might be disappointed when their expectations for the holidays are not met. We not only share tips for senior caregivers, but for anyone who wishes to help a friend or family member who is caregiving at the holidays.

Holiday Gifts for People Who Are Caregiving or Facing a Serious Illness: Ideas for holiday (and year-round) gifts that can help senior caregivers or someone who is facing his/her own illness, surgery or managing a chronic disease.

Five Creative Uses for Home Caregiver Services: Hiring a home caregiver can improve quality of life and even add a lot of fun to daily life! Brighten the holiday season with some fun activities and support by professional senior caregivers.

Holidays and the Elderly: Gift Giving Ideas

Practical Gift Ideas for Holidays and the Elderly

Holidays and Elderly Help, Give the Gift of Care: Give the gift of eldercare help, assistance from home caregivers, household help, transportation or senior concierge services for holiday events. Help make the holidays special and stress-free for your elderly loved ones!

Home Health Products for Holidays and the Elderly: Learn about how various home health products can make life easier for your elderly loved ones and friends this holiday season and beyond. There are great adaptive clothing options, home care products, and disability-friendly items for every day living. Gifts of time and simple things can also make life around the home better for your elder loved ones.

Aging Wisely’s Gifts for Seniors Guide: See a full list of suggestions for seniors living at home or residing in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. This guide also offers some websites with special senior-friendly products.

Holidays and the Elderly: What to Watch For

When visiting your elderly loved ones during the holidays, you can pick up on clues that something may not be right. Sometimes the signs will be obvious, such as when hygiene or home care has clearly been neglected or when the person is obviously confused or malnourished. Other times, the clues may be more subtle. Our professional senior caregivers and advocates are trained to pick up on subtle signs and can help you with assessing the reality of the eldercare situation–here they share some of the signs you can watch for, which may indicate concern:

  • Rotten or expired food in the fridge/pantry, increased convenience or junk food (signs that the elder is having trouble fixing meals), weight loss
  • Minor injuries, bruises or cuts
  • Forgetfulness, signs of missed appointments or “covering” for memory loss (changing the subject quickly when an oversight is mentioned, vague conversations, trouble finding words, etc.)
  • Signs that the person is withdrawing from normal activities
  • Limiting activity to one room/area
  • Unsteadiness when walking or “furniture walking”
  • Changes in personality or mood
  • Read more: Aging Wisely’s “Warning Signs”

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