From our inception, we at EasyLiving envisioned providing home health care with a difference. Our mission is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care service to the community.

One of our priorities has always been complete transparency and honesty. We acknowledge that our staff is human and will make some mistakes, but we will always be up front about those and work to come up with solutions and improve. We focus a great deal on seeking areas for improvement.  Our goal is more than customer satisfaction–we strive to create HAPPY customers (our caregivers, our clients and our family members) and a better community.

As part of our transparency, we share our survey information right here on our website for anyone to view:

First, you can take a look at our Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration survey at this link (sometimes AHCA changes their link locations, so if this link causes problems, go to Florida Health for the “facility locator” where you can locate EasyLiving, Inc. and click on “inspection reports” to be directed to the survey). All licensed home health agencies in the state of Florida are inspected by the state for numerous areas of compliance. EasyLiving is proud that we have always been “deficiency free”!

Next, EasyLiving works with an independent survey and quality monitoring company, Home Care Pulse. Home Care Pulse conducts regular phone interviews with EasyLiving home health clients and caregivers to measure satisfaction on a range of issues and compare to industry benchmarks. EasyLiving has been awarded Home Care Pulse’s “Best of Home Care” quality award for our performance against these quality benchmarks.

We regularly update the survey results here so you can see our latest performance. Check out our Home Health Survey results. You can also read customer testimonials and comments from our surveys on our Home Care Testimonials page and we cover quality control issues in our blog regularly, including customer complaints or concerns and our corrective actions.  Check out what EasyLiving customers have to say about us, get an inside view about home health services and how we deal with challenges and create a better team to serve the clients of our community.

If you have any questions about our quality measures or other information we can share, call us any time at 727-448-0900 or click below to talk to one of our home care advisors:

When you are thinking about hiring a home health company make sure to ask these questions:

  • How do you measure home health quality and customer satisfaction?
  • What is your home care mission and what systems do your implement to carry out your mission and ensure your caregivers are providing quality care?
  • Can I see your customer satisfaction results?  Do you have home caregiver testimonials/feedback?  Can I speak to references who have used/are using your home care services?
  • How do you manage complaints or concerns?  Who do I talk to if I have a problem?
  • What are some of the common concerns clients have or issues that come up and how do you address these? (Be concerned if the home health company says they never have an issue!)
  • What are your caregiver retention rates?