We understand that economic times are tough and it can be quite costly to pay for home care for a loved one, family member or even yourself. We thought it would be helpful for you to gain some insight from EasyLiving’s Executive Director, Alex Chamberlain, regarding finding affordable home care that is right for you.

EasyLiving Executive Director Alex Chamberlain

What are some of the concerns you hear expressed by clients and families about being able to afford home care?
Most of us worry about our budgets and our clients especially worry about outliving their retirement dollars. Though they wish to remain at home and their families often want the best for them, everyone wonders if home care will be affordable. Many times clients are surprised to find Medicare covers little in home care. However, we try to make this process less scary and show people their options when it comes to finding affordable home care. First, we help identify if they have long term care insurance that can cover the costs and we do all the processing necessary to help with claims. Second, we sit down and understand the client’s/family’s needs and build an affordable home care plan for them. Many clients are surprised how much impact in home care can have on their health and wellbeing, which often saves long term costs.

What are some of the misperceptions clients have about paying for home care?
First, many don’t understand the limits of Medicare’s home care coverage, as well as how non-medical home care can supplement and enhance Medicare’s in home care. Second, people often focus solely on hourly rates. We like to break down what can be done for a client for a certain amount of dollars to really illustrate the value you receive and how home care can be affordable. For example, in one three hour visit, we can drive someone home from an appointment and pick up some groceries along the way, prepare lunch, do a load of laundry, clean out old food from the refrigerator and organize the new supplies and make up the bed with fresh sheets (this is all included in our “transitions of care” package for post-surgery or hospitalization).

How does EasyLiving offer competitive and affordable home care prices?
People are often surprised that our prices are very competitive. We offer many of the extra “bells and whistles” and customer-focused care, but we do so with affordable home care prices. We can do this because we have put systems and processes in place that make us more efficient. We use technology to reduce staff’s wasted time, so we can focus on improving service and giving customers what they want. Our focus on our caregivers is first and foremost. We equip them with the tools they need to do a great job, and we invest in them. This keeps our staff turn around down and means we have less problems to resolve, thus saving us costs…and saving our customers money while receiving high quality.

Affordable home care can be a reality for you. You don’t have to sacrifice affordability to get quality. For answers to all your questions about affordable home care options, request a complimentary consultation today!

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