EasyLiving home health caregiverPhyllis Sipos is EasyLiving’s Inspirational Home Caregiver for March 2014. Phyllis is a dedicated caregiver, much beloved by her clients. We can tell you a lot of wonderful things about Phyllis, but her client’s say it best:

“She is great! Able to do anything!” –Client, Mrs. B

“She is fabulous, my mother loves her, thinks of her as a friend who comes to visit which is so great for her. That is why no matter what I ask for her to be on the schedule because she is just an amazing, wonderful, sweet, perfect, lovely caregiver and I just can’t say enough great things about her!” –Client’s daughter, Denise

Clearly, Phyllis has a great impact on the clients and families she serves. Phyllis is an inspiration to all of us, demonstrating how to provide high quality eldercare with a personal and kind touch.

About the Inspirational Home Caregiver Award: EasyLiving selects an Inspirational Caregiver each month from five finalists demonstrating high quality eldercare. Senior home caregivers do such important work and we get inspiration each and every day from the professional care and kindness of our team. This award is our way of saying thank you and recognizing our quality senior caregivers, as well as bringing awareness about quality eldercare to the larger community.

Congratulations to our other wonderful nominees this month:

Michael Dahlgren
Maria Papasynefaki
Julia Bruning
Patricia Dillon

About iCaRewards™: We created our unique iCaRewards as a fun way to support and reward our home health caregiver team. This program consists of various incentives, fun events and initiatives like the Inspirational Caregiver Award. Our mission is to create an environment where we set our team members up for success empowering them to provide the best in home care to the community.

For more information about a career as an EasyLiving home caregiver, check out our Home Health Careers page. For information on quality home caregivers for you or your family members throughout Pinellas County, Florida, give us a call today at 727-448-0900!