Options for Respite Care in St. Petersburg

Respite care is elder care that enables a primary caregiver to take a rest. Respite care can be something done for a regular break (such as a caregiver coming to your home in St. Peterburg to provide respite care one day/week) or used for specific occasions. For example, as the caregiver you might plan a vacation or need surgery. Your loved one might go to respite care in St. Pete at a local facility, or you might hire a St. Petersburg home care company to come into the home for that period.

Learn more about the basics of respite care in our article and slideshow, Respite Care 101.

Respite Care in St. Petersburg at Your Home: Home Care Agency Respite Care

If your loved one would be most comfortable staying at home, you can hire a local home care company to provide respite care in St. Pete. Their staff will meet with you to discuss your loved one’s needs and create a care plan. They can provide caregivers on a regular basis for a break, or assist your loved one full time while you are unavailable. A local home care company can even provide 24/7 care for those needing round-the-clock care and supervision.

Make sure to hire only a Florida licensed home care company. You can find a complete list of licensed home health agencies in Florida here. Find out how they handle your loved one’s care, how they hire and train caregivers and be sure you are 100% comfortable with the company and staff. To make sure you and your loved one have a successful respite care experience, grab a copy of our respite care prep checklist.

Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities for Respite Care in St. Petersburg

Many ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities) and nursing homes (Skilled Nursing Facilities, SNFs) offer respite care, where your loved one can stay temporarily. Some also offer daycare services, though this requires that the care facility have an available bed (unless they have a separate day care center). Your loved one must be assessed and fill out admissions paperwork to stay at a facility for respite care in St. Pete.

Contact any St. Petersburg care facility directly to find out if they offer respite care and the process and costs. You may want to consider working with a professional care manager to find the best care facility for your loved one (or determine best all-around respite care St. Pete options and any programs available to help).

Adult Day Care Respite Care in St. Pete

Adult day care centers in St. Petersburg will offer daytime respite care, which can be especially helpful for working caregivers or those needing to handle appointments and more. There are private adult day care centers in St. Pete such as Sea Breeze Adult Day Care. Some of these are part of various Medicaid and other benefits programs, so you may be able to get assistance with paying for their services. Additionally, assisted living facilities and other senior service providers may have adult day care facilities or services. There are numerous options throughout St. Pete. Talk to a care manager or contact the Area Agency on Aging of Pinellas Pasco for more information.

Respite Care in St. Petersburg: Costs

Respite care costs vary widely depending on what you need. For home health agency services, you can expect to pay around $20-23/hour for respite care in St. Petersburg. Assisted Living costs an average of $107/day in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. However, you’ll find a wide range. Additionally, the cost will likely be higher for shorter stays versus a long-term contract. Expect to pay $270-320/day for a skilled nursing facility in St. Petersburg (semi-private/private room).

Don’t assume you can’t afford respite care services for your loved one in St. Pete. Your health and wellbeing as a caregiver is essential for being able to continue caring for your loved one. There are numerous resources to assist. From grants via groups like the Alzheimer’s Association for short-term respite to Medicaid programs covering in-home care services like EasyLiving’s and much more, help is out there.

Get in touch with our St. Petersburg eldercare experts to discuss your situation and options.

*Average costs from our St. Pete eldercare experts in 2019 and Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2018