We truly believe that getting older should never mean having to give up favorite activities.  Mobility problems and illness often cause people to limit activities or begin staying home more as they age.  This can be a vicious cycle, as staying active has many protective benefits and reducing activity and social interaction poses risks.  For example, Yale Medical group shares some of the risks of social isolation and benefits to seniors staying active:

Social isolation carries risks, such as feeling lonely and depressed, being less physically active, having higher blood pressure and even a greater risk of death.

Specific health benefits of social interaction for seniors include: potentially reduced risk for cardiovascular problems, some cancers, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis; lower blood pressure and reduced risk of some mental health issues such as depression.

A number of studies point to evidence that older adults who are physically active might be sheilding themselves from psychological distress such as depression as well as reducing functional limitations.

seniors staying activeOne way to help a senior stay motivated to safely continue participating in favorite activities is with the help of senior companions or a senior concierge service.  How can a senior home companion benefit your elderly loved one or help you stay healthy as you age?

  • Planning activities and outings, arranging logistics especially around limited mobility and accessibility issues.
  • Helping you stay motivated: suggesting outings, encouraging activities, helping you keep up with an exercise routine.
  • Providing senior companionship and company for activities.
  • Offering safe senior transportation and hands-on assistance when needed.
  • Giving you the safety and security of having help nearby.

EasyLiving’s senior companions work with elderly clients throughout Pinellas County, from Largo and Clearwater to St. Pete and Dunedin.  Our elderly companions not only help out at home, but also enjoy outings with clients and helping find ways to stay active and healthy.

With our special senior concierge services, clients can continue to participate in special events such as the Florida Orchestra, exhibitions at St. Petersburg art museums or taking part in Tampa Bay charity events.  Check out our senior concierge services page for local events and calendars in Tampa Bay, and join us on Facebook for up-to-date ideas and suggestions for fun senior activities in Pinellas County and beyond.  We invite you to add your tips and ideas too!

Featured activity of the month: Spring Training Baseball in Tampa Bayspring training baseball fans in Florida

Many of our clients are baseball fans and this is a great time of year to take in a spring training baseball game in Tampa Bay!  Spring training has a long history in Florida.  The Philadelphia Phillies began training in Clearwater in the 1940s.  Many tourists and local residents alike enjoy watching their favorite teams during spring training.  It is a great opportunity for a more intimate baseball experience scouting out some of the returning and developing talent.  It can be especially fun for all of our “transplanted” Florida residents who grew up watching some of these teams up north.

Here’s a little more about the spring training opportunities in Tampa Bay:

Bright House Field in Clearwater hosts the Philadelphia Phillies spring training.  This is a beautiful new stadium with great amenities, and a wonderful place to spend a beautiful Clearwater day or evening.  For more information on the stadium, team, schedule and tickets check out the Phillies’ website.  The ticket office can be reached at 727-467-4457.  For a great overview regarding parking and best seats (such as seats in the shade and disabled access), check out Spring Training Connection.  Beyond spring training, check out the Clearwater Phillies minor league team there.  And, while you’re making a trip to the stadium, consider grabbing some food at the legendary Lenny’s Restaurant nearby where you’ll get great food (delicious breakfasts!) with a lot of other Philly fanatics.

Dunedin hosts the Toronto Blue Jays at the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium (the Blue Jays have been training in Dunedin since 1977).  Dunedin is a delightful little town full of restaurants and shops, so it can make for a great day long outing as well.  Again, check out Spring Training Connection for more details about everything from parking to accessibility and local amenities.  The official Blue Jays Dunedin Spring Training site offers tickets or you can call (727) 733-0429.

A bit further for our Pinellas County clients, but a worthwhile journey for Yankee fans missing their fix of the legendary team, the New York Yankees train at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.  Check out the Spring Training connection link for all the details on seeing the Yankees in Tampa.

There are some other opportunities a bit further from Pinellas County/Clearwater, but for those who are fans of a particular team it may be worth a day trip to go to see: the Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota, the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland or the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton for example.  EasyLiving’s Senior Concierge Services program can be utilized to arrange special day trips like this, or other travel plans and accommodations to ensure a safe and smooth journey.  Give us a call at 727-447-5845 to plan your Tampa Bay outing now, or click below to get more information on Pinellas County senior companions: