If you are a caregiver, respite care will be one of the most important resources to ensure you can continue providing the care your loved one needs. You can seek respite care for short breaks from caregiving. Perhaps you need to take care of your own doctor’s appointments (don’t neglect your health!) or manage appointments. There may be times when you need to travel to see family, or just need a vacation. What happens if you need surgery or have your own health issues?

In-Home Respite Care in Tampa

There are different types of respite care available. In Tampa, you can hire a Florida home health company to provide care in your/your loved one’s home. It’s as simple as contacting a home care company like EasyLiving about respite care in Tampa and discussing your needs. They will do an assessment, create a respite care plan, and begin services accordingly. You can hire a home care provider for respite care in Tampa on a regular basis or for short-term needs. In-home respite care has the advantage of being completely flexible. It also means that your loved one can stay in the comfort of his/her own environment. Home respite care is especially appropriate for elders with Alzheimer’s disease or any type of dementia. And, many elders do better sticking to their routine.

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Other Options for Respite Care in Tampa

Respite care can also be provided in care facilities. For example, your loved one can stay temporarily in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Typically, you will pay a daily rate which will include meals, activities, and care support. The facility must assess the potential resident and you will need to get paperwork completed the same as for a long-term stay. Availability depends on the facility having space available, and they may give priority to residents moving in long term. Facility respite care does give you an opportunity to get comfortable with the facility and can be a good option if this is something you’re considering in the future.

Adult day care centers offer another choice for respite care in Tampa. This is worth considering for working caregivers or those needing to handle some tasks or get a break during the day. Hillsborough County offers adult day care centers in Tampa. These are the four locations for adult day respite care in Tampa and Hillsborough County:

Phyllis Busansky Adult Day Care Center

4102 W. Spruce St.

Tampa, FL 33607 Bloomingdale Adult Day Care Center

3940 Canoga Park Drive

Brandon, FL 33511 Plant City Adult Day Care Center

1205 S. Waller St.

Plant City, FL 33566 Northlakes Adult Day Care Center

2640 N. Lakeview Drive

Tampa, FL 33618

You can find more information about Hillsborough County Adult Day Care here. Additionally, private adult day care centers and ALFs offer Tampa respite care during the day.

Paying for Tampa Respite Care

Respite care costs vary, depending on the type of care, amount of care and other factors. We’ve broken down all the important facts about respite care and shared some average costs in our Respite Care 101. Your loved one might also get financial help to pay for respite care. Medicaid and other state programs provide caregiver assistance. Additionally, some non-profit organizations offer grants and your loved one may qualify for help as a Veteran. Our care managers can help review your situation to find the best respite care options for your budget and needs. Remember, respite care can be essential to your health and wellbeing as a caregiver. While you might hesitate due to cost or worry about how your loved one will react, the costs can be much higher if you don’t get a break. Almost 90% of caregivers stated that respite care enabled them to keep their loved ones at home. When you seek help (or at least information), you potentially prevent a crisis that could limit your options.

Contact EasyLiving online or at 813-333-5020 for a free consultation about your situation and concerns. Tampa respite care could be a lifesaver for you and your family. It is also an important way to develop a plan for the future and get comfortable with having help. A care team will be invaluable as you continue caring for your loved one.

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