It’s been a big year for EasyLiving’s caregiver blog! We’re pleased that we’ve helped around 100,000 caregivers looking for information. Our team has covered topics about in-home care, caregiver challenges, assisted living, and the many ups and downs of caring for elderly parents.

We write about topics families ask us about most. And, each year we look at what’s been popular to plan more useful content. So, here’s a look at our most popular blog posts during 2017.

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EasyLiving Caregiver Blog: Top Posts of 2017

Why Do Elderly Parents Eat Dinner So Early?

Do you ever wonder why Dad eats dinner at 4 PM? We did too! We explore this issue with one of our client’s family members. You might think it’s just because that’s when the early bird specials happen. However, everything from isolation to digestion issues may be factors. It could even be a fear of getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Finally, we delve into why this might be a concern.

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Kicked Out of Assisted Living

This is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a caregiver. And, we get the panicked call all too often, so we know this is a must-read. Our team shares the main reasons residents get kicked out of ALFs. Additionally, we explain (the often misunderstood) rules.

Please read this if your parent lives in Assisted Living, even if things are going smoothly. You’ll learn preventative steps to set things up for success. Plus, our experts explain what to do if problems arise.

Respite Definition: What is Respite Care and When Do I Need It?

Caregivers NEED a break. And, respite care provides these much-needed breaks. We explain what respite care is and how you can access it. In addition, we share some tips for having a stress-free respite care experience. As a caregiver, your loved one needs you to be at your best. But, that doesn’t mean doing it all alone.

Arguing with Elderly Parents? Ask a Parent-Child Relationship Expert

Several caregivers ask our experts to help them resolve arguments and struggles with their parents. The parent-child relationship may suffer as your parent ages and faces difficulty. We talk to adult children facing hostility when they try to help and spending all their time doing chores and arguing. Others are at their wit’s end dealing with inappropriate behavior.

Can a Person with Dementia Travel?

This may be especially relevant this time of year. And, the answer is YES but with some precautions. If you want to bring your loved one to visit family members this holiday season, read this first.

Facing a Caregiver Lawsuit

What happens when her caregiver sues Mom? Did you hire the caregiver through an agency or privately? We explain the differences. We also share prevention and protection tips, so you can avoid this awful scenario. Even if you don’t think you need to worry about this, please read it before hiring a caregiver. (My family didn’t think we needed to either.)

Why Live In Care Isn’t a Good Idea

Wondering about getting someone to live with Mom and help her out around-the-clock? Let us help you think through all the considerations before you hire a 24-Hour Caregiver.

Five Familiar Elder Troubles

Which do you want to overcome? These are some of the most common problems people encounter as they get older. Here we share solutions so you can overcome these familiar troubles for happy, healthy aging.

What Can I Do if a Caregiver Steals?

What will you do if Mom accuses her caregiver of stealing? How to determine if the item has really been stolen and what to do when it has. And, most importantly, we tell you some important ways to prevent such a nightmare.

Aging in Place Checklist

How to prepare your house for aging in place. Take our “home tour” to identify potential problems and resources to help. You can also download our free room-by-room checklist.

Bonus for caregivers/elders in the local area: Senior-Friendly Activities in Tampa Bay

For the professional caregiver

If you’re a CNA or home health aide, you might want to check out our top posts for professional caregivers:

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