Most seniors wish to remain in home as they age, maintaining their routine, possessions and familiar surroundings. The question that weighs on many elderly persons and their family members is “Can I afford in home care?” and “How can I find affordable in home care options?” We work with clients and families every day to create affordable in home care plans to meet their needs.

Here are 4 tips for your consideration when it comes to finding affordable in home care for elderly and seniors:

1. Determine your needs and put together a plan that prioritizes where you need help most. Receiving affordable in home care for a few hours/week can help you maintain health and wellbeing and save money in the long run.

2. Use a combination of resources to meet your needs. Perhaps you use a subsidized transportation service for doctor’s appointments, but once or twice per week you could have an in home care assistant provide personalized, door-to-door transportation to cover all of your errands, help with shopping, additional appointments and social outings. As a caregiver, you might divide up some time between family members, your loved one might attend an adult day program once/week and you might use affordable in home care as an option at other times.

3. Get an assessment of your needs and options. Request a free in home meeting where you can review your affordable in home care options. You can also set up an appointment with a geriatric care manager for a more in-depth assessment with specific recommendations for an in home care plan with specific resources and financial/benefits options.

4. Plan ahead if possible and find out about your insurance coverage for in home care. Learn more about what Medicare pays for when it comes to in home care and how you can fill the gaps. Explore long term care insurance and other options for financing care.

Need help identifying affordable in home care options and resources to help you with aging in place? Request a free in home care consultation today!