As a home healthcare agency in Florida, EasyLiving had to go through a process to become licensed by the state and must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance.  Each state has different laws regulating home health companies as well as other senior care providers, such as companion agencies and assisted living facilities.

In Florida, home health agencies and other regulated providers of care are given a license number by the state, which you will see on all of their communications.  If you see the full number, there will be letters in front that indicate the type of provider.  So, for example, EasyLiving’s license is HHA#299992282 (the HHA standing for Home Health Agency).  There are other types of in-home care agencies permitted in Florida, so you may see NR (nursing registry) or HCS (Homemaker Companion Service). 

EasyLiving covered the three types of home care agencies in this post.  We also provide presentations to groups to explain this in simple terms and help educate about the regulations and how to locate a quality home care provider.

When seeking a home health provider, find out:

  • How are agencies regulated in your state?  Are there different agencies and what is required of each type (so you can compare apples to apples)?
  • What type of liability protections and safeguards does the home health agency offer?
  • What is the agency’s record of inspection reports, complaints and client satisfaction?  (You may want to read our recent article on home care quality.)

EasyLiving employs an independent quality assurance agency to survey our clients and caregivers, which helps us monitor our home care quality and employee satisfaction. For more information on our quality assurance or to get home care help, contact us at 727-447-5845.