Beginning July 1, 2018 the State of Florida is increasing the Medicaid Personal Needs Allowance for Institutional Care from $105.00 per month to $130.00 per month. This increase will allow individuals who are receiving institutional care Medicaid benefits to keep $130 each month from their income to pay for items they may want.

How does the Florida Medicaid Personal Needs Allowance increase help Florida seniors?

This allowance makes a big difference for the lives of those living day by day in a nursing home. Typically if receiving Medicaid benefits the patient’s income is paid to the facility with a few deductions allowed for medical expenses and a small allowance for personal needs.

In New Orleans, they use the term, “lagniappe” which means a little something extra. This will allow nursing home residents to have a little something extra during the month, perhaps a new novel, a magazine subscription, a Netflix subscription, some favorite chocolates, or a few glasses of wine. All items that may provide a little extra amount of enjoyment in their day.

“Cheers” to the State of Florida for approving this increase in the state budget.

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