“It will cost half of all uninsured (without long-term care coverage) Americans over 65 an average of $200,000 to pay for care.”-National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information

Paying for private senior care causes a great deal of concern for many families.  While family members provide 80% of the eldercare in the U.S., there are many times and reasons outside assistance may be needed.  Private-duty home care companies like EasyLiving help families complete the “care puzzle” by assisting with a variety of tasks and providing professional care support.  With the right planning, smart use of resources and appropriate care options, you can get the care you need for your family member.

You might also be interested in reading “Home Care Terminology Uncovered” to get an explanation of the various types of senior care, what insurance covers and paying for care tips.

As you explore care options, costs and resources are vital pieces of the puzzle.  We have broken down this process in to simple steps for you in our Budgeting Checklist.  We explain how to determine what resources are available from a wide variety of sources and match that with the needs of the care recipient.

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