Meals are such an essential part of living! Of course, food provides the energy to fuel our bodies. But, there’s also an emotional component when we think of our favorite meals and old family recipes (or the things we can’t stand!).

Aging and health problems can cause nutrition to suffer. Taste buds lose sensitivity as we get older and certain medications and conditions affect taste and appetite further. Our EasyLiving caregivers understand all of this, because of their professional training!

EasyLiving caregivers are trained in:

  • Nutrition
  • How aging affects taste and diet
  • Special diets, eating for certain conditions
  • Food preparation techniques, food safety
  • Creating tasty, healthy meals and snacks
  • Shopping and meal planning
  • Using your careplan/preferences to prepare food to your specifications

In addition to the basics of understanding good nutrition, health and aging, EasyLiving caregivers understand the emotional component of food. This is why we use a routines and preferences questionnaire to build your care plan. If you like your grapes peeled, we’ll do it! If you hate a certain spice, we won’t use it! If you always like meals at certain times or eat the same things every day, your caregiver will personalize the routine to meet those needs. Your caregiver can also prepare family recipes and cook and eat with you, as desired.

We also offer recipe and snack ideas, aging nutrition information and more on our Facebook Page so join us there!

We offer various packages, from daily help to doing weekly/bi-monthly meal prep for reheating.

Eat Healthy