Does this sound like your family? You and your siblings take turns going over to mom and dad’s to check on them and help around the house. You think you have it all worked out until one day your brother has to switch days because he has a late meeting that day. It throws off everyone’s schedule, leading to family in-fighting and accusing each other of not helping enough or doing their share.

A lot of family conflict and caregiver stress can be avoided with the support of home care and professional home caregivers. A home health aide can come over and help around the house, so that you don’t have to worry about coordinating care among your siblings, or can help fill gaps and relieve family members. Now when you go over to your parents’ house for a visit, it can be an actual visit, and not an obligation. You’re able to sit down and enjoy each other’s company rather than take care of them. Your parents are in a better mood because they don’t feel like their child is watching them.

Plus, you’re no longer arguing with your siblings and instead of taking turns visiting mom and dad, everyone can visit together at the same time. There are a variety of ways home care can support family caregivers and reduce the stress of caregiving for elderly parents. A home caregiver can provide occasional support, respite care so family can take a break or vacation, or take on duties such as personal care, transportation and medication management so that you can maintain your family roles and enjoy your parent’s latter years.

Contact us today to talk about your concerns and review options for home care support for your elderly parents. Our experienced home caregiving professionals can help you put a care plan in to place that will improve quality of life for the whole family.