We have previously discussed some of the concierge services available for seniors, to ensure quality of life and continued enjoyment of favorite activities.  Concierge services have come in to healthcare (though in a small way thus far) with doctors and medical support services that provide extra service, convenience and coordination for fee-for-service clients.  The goal of concierge services for seniors is much the same, to provide personalized services that make life easier and better.

In the senior care and home health industries, we occasionally hear from families about a problem they need to solve.  We’ve designed a number of our Clearwater home health solutions and senior concierge services to solve these problems.

One example is that families occasionally wish to help a loved one attend a family event, reunion or trip.  Whether it is not possible or convenient for a family member to escort the senior, or the senior needs professional assistance or care that is better provided by a home health aide, outside help is sometimes needed.  Many families also find it helpful to have assistance from experts in this area, who can anticipate needs or concerns and ensure a smooth journey.

What can senior concierge travel services do?

  • Assess what needs and services your loved one will need to ensure a safe trip.
  • Help make travel arrangements and set up the most convenient, comfortable options.
  • Escort your loved one during travel (including providing transportation to the airport or other form of travel, escorting through security and on flights, train trips, etc., assisting with luggage and meeting family members).
  • Escort and assist your loved one during events or trips (i.e. be in attendance at a reunion or on a trip to physically assist).
  • Senior concierge services can also be used for local travel, day trips and other life enrichment activities.

If you are planning a trip for an elderly loved one, we encourage you to read our Senior Travel Tips or contact us at 727-448-0900 or below for more information on concierge services for seniors such as travel escort.