1. You want delicious, nutritious, home-cooked meals and you are tired of all the work that goes into meal planning and prep.

Elders, especially those living alone such as widows and widowers, tend to eat less and have worse nutrition. This may be in part due to loneliness. Companionship is a big part of meal time for most of us. Therefore, those eating alone tend to enjoy meals less and may not feel like putting the effort into making meals. The process of preparing meals may be more rewarding when you’re cooking for someone else too.

And, as people get older all the tasks associated with meal preparation may become more difficult. Meals require a number of steps, from planning to shopping and chopping/prepping ingredients to cooking.

The great news is a caregiver can help! You can hire caregivers to grocery shop and prepare meals. They can make some of your favorite recipes or come up with delicious, new ideas. This could be done once/week or a few times/week with meals prepared ahead. Or, a caregiver can visit daily and handle meal prep as one of many tasks. The smell of tasty meals cooking can really help bring back a lost appetite. And, a caregiver can also provide mealtime companionship.

Don’t underestimate how important this is. Your health will suffer with poor nutrition. Older adults need more nutrient dense food, while many actually get less. You might feel weak, have falls and get sick easier if you’re not eating right. EasyLiving caregivers are trained in preparing healthy, tasty meals and even handling special diets and nutrition needs.

2. You want a clean, healthy (safe) home.

Vacuuming, laundry and all the other tasks of keeping house can become wearing or even dangerous as you get older. It is well worth hiring a caregiver to help out with all these tasks. Not only can you enjoy your time more, you’ll have a safer home. When housekeeping suffers, so can your health. You might fall due to clutter. Some people get ill from spoiled food or infections. Or, you may hurt yourself bending over or getting on a stepstool. Untidy houses with poor upkeep can even become a fire or safety hazard.

Hire a caregiver and take the worries of housekeeping off your mind. Our EasyLiving caregivers work to your specifications using a personalized care plan, so things get done the way you like. Life is a lot nicer when your bed is made, laundry is done and home is tidy.

3. You’ve got a number of medications to keep straight.

Nearly ¼ of elders admitted to a nursing home have problems managing their medications. When you start taking multiple medications, you’re at risk for complications that may lead to hospitalization, institutionalization or even death. More than half of seniors have such medication errors at home each year.

Take precautions if you have multiple conditions or medications. Contact EasyLiving or a licensed home care agency in your area about medication assistance services. Be careful about hiring the wrong caregiver to help with this. You want to be sure you’re dealing with a licensed agency with properly trained caregivers who will not attempt to do tasks beyond their qualifications.

4. You don’t want to let aging or disease get in the way of staying active and engaged.

There is no reason you can’t continue to participate in your favorite activities as you get older. Yes, things might change a bit but help is available. You might need assistance with driving, help in and out of the car or someone to accompany you to the bathroom. A caregiver can make sure you’re comfortable and safe doing your favorite things and have the help you need.

While you might hire a caregiver for these practical reasons, many clients find their companionship to be a surprise benefit. About half of us feel lonely on a regular basis as we get older. A caregiver’s companionship and help staying active can keep us healthier. And, it can keep you out of a nursing home. Social isolation and loneliness play big roles in many aspects of health.

Age, disability and disease don’t have to mean an end to living. A little help can mean the difference between being isolated at home with only the TV for companionship and a continued rich social/cultural/intellectual life.

5. You want to look and feel your best.

Have the physical tasks of bathing, dressing and showering become tiring? Are you feeling unsteady in the shower? Or, having aches and pains or mobility issues that make shaving, doing you hair and other tasks difficult?

These are probably things you don’t want your kids to help with. But, being clean and looking nice affects the way we feel…both physically and psychologically. A few days in your PJs when you’re not feeling well is one thing. But, after those few days nothing feels better than a bath and fresh clothes. A caregiver can help you stay looking and feeling great. If you’re worried about your comfort level with someone helping with such tasks, you will be pleasantly surprised. Caregivers receive special training in providing such care and communicating with clients. The most common refrain we hear from clients is that they should have hired a caregiver sooner.

6. You don’t want to rely on friends and family for getting around.

It’s hard to imagine giving up driving, even when you know you should. The last thing you want is to be isolated or dependent. But, giving up driving absolutely does not mean giving up on life.

First, we all now have access to technological solutions such as Lyft and Uber. Don’t want to get a smartphone or figure out how to use an app? EasyLiving serves as a Lyft Concierge to get you on-demand rides anytime with a simple phone call.

And, for those who want scheduled transportation, help with errands and assistance, it makes sense to hire a caregiver. Not only can they get you where you need to go safely, they can help you get in and out of the car, carry your groceries and more. Fatalities rise among elderly drivers, so giving up your car is a smart move. But, having convenient transportation is essential so you can continue to thrive and not feel isolated.

7. You’ve got a long list of “to do’s” around your house.

Running a household requires a lot of upkeep. From changing light bulbs to replacing filters and just keeping organized, it’s easy to fall behind on your list of things to do. Many of us find ourselves putting off tasks like cleaning out closets, so items start to pile up. One big illness can be the first step to things going downhill at home.

To keep up with things, consider hiring a caregiver. They can perform day-to-day tasks and also help review what needs to be done around the home. EasyLiving can do a home safety review to identify things that need upkeep or changes. We can help you coordinate work that needs to be done. And, we can help keep all those to do’s from piling up again.

8. Your memory isn’t what it used to be.

Is it hard to keep up with appointments? Do you have difficulty remembering to take your pills or follow up on tasks?

A caregiver can help keep you on track. They can keep you organized, provide reminders and manage tasks. But, more than that, the things they do for you can even boost your memory and mental well-being. Read one example of how a family saw Mom’s memory improve almost immediately when she got a caregiver.

9. You’re coming home from the hospital/surgery…and want to stay there.

It feels great to get back to home, sweet home after being in the hospital. Unfortunately, one in five elderly patients is readmitted to the hospital within the first month. 75% of times this is avoidable with the right planning and support.

Your doctor may order a Medicare home health company to send a nurse to check on you. They might also provide physical therapy. But, too often, you don’t get the additional support services you need. Consider, at a minimum, hiring a caregiver to help during the initial 48-hour transition period. They can get you settled back at home and make sure you are doing well. The caregiver can restock your kitchen, tidy up, and get needed supplies. This is the period you will be weakest and most at risk, so having someone there also keeps you safe.

If you have surgery planned, consider consulting with a care manager and setting up caregiver services for post-surgery. If you don’t want to end up back in the hospital with complications, it’s easy to get the support you need.

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