Respite means “a short period of rest or relief”. Respite care offers family caregivers support and a break from caregiving. It might be for a brief time each week to participate in a favorite activity or get tasks done, on occasion for a fun event, or for a longer period when going on vacation, traveling, recuperating, etc.

Getting respite care is anything but selfish. Instead, it helps you provide better care for your loved one, and keeps you and your relationships healthy. Studies show the dramatic benefits of respite:

  • 88% of caregivers agreed that respite allowed their loved one to remain at home.
  • 98% of caregivers stated that respite made them a better caregiver and increased their ability to provide a less stressful environment.
  • 79.5% of caregivers said respite contributed to the stability of their marriage.
  • Caregivers receiving weekly respite care reported improved physical and emotional health.
  • Elders with chronic disability who received respite care had fewer hospital admissions for acute care than those who received no respite care.

What makes in-home respite care from EasyLiving caregivers the ideal option?

  • Your loved one can stay in a familiar environment, with comfortable surroundings and routines. There’s no need to miss appointments or disrupt typical activities. This consistency is especially important for respite care clients suffering from Alzheimer’s or memory issues.
  • Using a personalized care plan, the caregiver customizes care to your instructions about needs, preferences, and routine.
  • You and your loved one get to know caregivers and get comfortable with in-home care, which can be handy for future needs or crises.
  • The home caregiver can help with errands, meal preparation, senior transportation, appointments, light housekeeping and personal care. Trained in quality care and communication techniques, EasyLiving caregivers easily integrate into the environment, providing emotional support and companionship.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor:

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