We often become creatures of habit, with a certain daily or weekly schedule we like to keep, places we frequent, and favorite meals we enjoy. So often as seniors age they are forced to give up on weekly hobbies or activities because their bodies just can’t do it anymore, or at least they can’t do it without assistance.

For instance, maybe your dad used to go fishing every Sunday, but now has a little trouble baiting a hook due to arthritis. You’d love to be able to take him, but sometimes other responsibilities don’t allow you to accompany him. Instead of your dad having to give up his weekly fishing trip altogether; senior companion care might be a great solution for him so he can continue to do what he enjoys.

Perhaps you like to go out dancing every Thursday night but no longer feel safe driving at night. Senior Transportation & companion services would allow you to continue with your dancing, thus remaining not only happy, but healthy.

The ability to continue with weekly activities greatly improves an elderly person’s quality of life. And a person’s happiness can be a significant factor contributing to one’s longevity.

EasyLiving offers special senior concierge services designed to help elderly clients attend favorite activities, family events and even assist with event planning and coordination.  If you or someone you know would like to continue enjoying favorite activities and living a quality life despite illness or frailty, contact us today for a FREE assessment.