Seniors Care Tips on Reducing Stress for Loved One’s in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

In many ways, stress is a natural part of everyone’s life. However, stress can have a greater impact on physical and mental health in seniors. It is natural to have fears and concerns, but as we get older, it becomes more vital to exercise stress-reduction tactics to handle these thoughts.

The good news is that stress and stress management practices are usually simple for most people to use. Meditation, breathing exercises, physical activity, and other senior care strategies can help the elderly maintain their quality of life and even enhance overall heath.

Why is Stress Management So Important?

As we continue to keep our homes and families safe during COVID-19, it’s even more critical to pay attention to our seniors’ mental health requirements when it comes to stress.

Several studies have found a correlation between stress and mental and physical disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to hypertension and immune system complications. In fact, it is believed that stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%, heart attack by 25%, and stroke by 50%. Not to mention that stress can aggravate pre-existing disorders, which can have a significant impact on those with less efficient immune systems.

Finding joy and focusing on activities and interests that provide meaning and purpose might help seniors manage their stress. Fortunately, there are numerous other stress-relieving activities that seniors can use to improve their own personal well-being. What senior clients do today to manage current stress can help them better prepare for future stress.

Techniques for Reducing Stress

  1. Stress can be reduced through connecting with others. When possible, seniors can contact a friend or family member, have a video chat, or spend time with loved ones.
  2. Meditate at the same time every day or if you feel stressed or anxious.
  3. Deep breathing and mindfulness activities should be practiced.
  4. Make contact with friends and family in order to connect and spend time together.
  5. Following physician approval, maintain a consistent exercise plan and a balanced diet.
  6. At the conclusion of each day, journal or write down ideas and sentiments – and be sure to take a moment to reflect on all the good things that transpired.
  7. Look for a virtual volunteer opportunity to help the community.
  8. Create and follow a to-do list to boost productivity, reduce feelings of restlessness, and combat procrastination.
  9. Participate in a yoga class or practice at home (with physician approval)
  10. Listen to calming or relaxing music, particularly before going to bed.
  11. Find a way to laugh, whether it’s through watching a hilarious TV show or movie or listening to a comedy record.

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