Sitting Down for Thanksgiving with Your Senior Parents

Thanksgiving is a great time for many families to get together and enjoy good food and each other’s company. If you spend Thanksgiving with an older parent, you might notice changes in their behavior that could mean their health is declining. As you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner with your family, here are a few signs that a loved one may be developing issues with their cognitive function.

Forgetting Family Traditions

One important part of the Thanksgiving holiday season is getting together with family to celebrate important traditions. If you notice that your parent can’t remember yearly traditions or gets confused when you talk about them, it could be a sign of a cognitive issue.

Bring up the family traditions that are being talked about and do what you can to help your loved one enjoy the experience. You should also talk to your parent’s doctor about the situation.

Having Trouble Remembering Names

When their brains aren’t working as well, many seniors have trouble remembering people’s names or choosing the right words to say. Talk to a doctor about what to do if someone you care about can’t remember the names of family members or has trouble communicating.


Most people enjoy spending time with family and friends on Thanksgiving. If you notice that a person you care about is acting more irritable than usual or reacting badly to the noise and activity around them, it could be a sign of a cognitive problem.

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