active aging

We have always had a focus on active aging with our goal at EasyLiving being that “we do not let our clients’ age, disease or disability affect their quality of life”. As we look in to the new year, we’re resolving to focus on this goal even more and share resources and ideas to help others envision and implement the ideas of active aging.

In 2001, the International Council on Active Aging was founded to Change the Way We Age®. Active aging promotes the vision of all individuals being “engaged in life”, participating in life to the fullest extent possible. Staying active is multidimensional, meaning that staying active includes these holistic areas of life: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, professional, environmental and social. Staying active is more than just exercising, evaluating yourself on certain health factors or managing activities of daily living. Staying active includes all area of a person’s well-being and is individualized to what is important to that person and brings his/her life meaning and fulfillment.

As part of our active aging resolution, we will be sharing monthly tips on our blog for ways to stay active and engaged…specific action tips and resources for you or your elder loved ones/friends. From time to time, we also share stories from our clients about ways they have been able to stay active or re-engage with life and favorite activities. We will be including stories of clients continuing favorite activities, engaging in new pursuits and inspirational seniors’ profiles and videos.

You can start by reading a bit more about our Senior Concierge Services and client examples of how they have availed themselves of these services in order to remain active in various areas of life. We offer a unique range of active aging services and our clients continue to be involved in all the areas that are important to their well-being. If your Dad wants to continue his weekly dancing but has trouble with transportation or you want to make sure Mom can continue to volunteer at the local school, give us a call at 727-448-0900 to discuss EasyLiving Senior Concierge and transportation services.

We would love to hear from you about some of your active aging stories or heros. Do you know someone who is a great example of active aging? Do you have an elder mentor or someone who has contributed to your life or community? Do you have a special story of how your loved one stays engaged in life? You can leave us a comment on our Facebook Caregiver Community or contact EasyLiving online.