What do seniors in St. Pete, Florida do when they can’t drive anymore? How can they get around and continue to do the things they need and want to do? (And when is it time to stop driving and consider other senior transportation in St. Petersburg?)

If you’re worried about an elderly loved one who is still driving, check out our Elderly Drivers article and feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns and options. Once you’ve tackled that issue or your elderly loved one has made the decision to stop driving, you have to figure out what to do for transportation. Actually, that should be part of the planning process well before giving up driving. Knowing there are various options for senior transportation in St. Petersburg might make it easier for your loved one to give up driving. Without freedom of movement, many seniors become isolated and this can be a big loss for your loved one to consider.

Why is having different options for senior transportation in St. Petersburg so important?

Seniors need to remain active and engaged in their community for well-being. Social engagement plays a role in life satisfaction and isolation is a risk factor for elderly depression. To maintain a healthy community, we need to be sure elders can stay active. Seniors often play a vital role in volunteering, local government, social movements and charities.

More than 20% of elders miss out on activities because of transportation issues. And, if you consider only seniors with no car or license then that percentage is much higher.

Senior Transportation in St. Petersburg

The public transit system in St. Pete offers some options for seniors and people who are disabled. DART “provides Demand Response Transportation services for people who, because of their disability, are unable to safely and independently utilize buses.” Here’s more information about the DART program and eligibility.

Neighborly Senior Services also offers EZRide, with no-cost transportation for seniors over 60 and disabled individuals over age 55. They provide individual rides to medical appointments and group rides for other outings.

When it comes to senior transportation in St. Petersburg, various providers can also offer personalized driving services. Home health companies like EasyLiving offer senior transportation in St. Petersburg and throughout Tampa Bay. Check out our “Drive to Thrive” program (and feel free to share the flyer with anyone you know who could use it).

In recent years, many of us have looked to new solutions for transportation. Uber and Lyft provide new ride options in the sharing economy for all of us to get around more efficiently. If your loved one doesn’t know how to access such services/doesn’t have a smartphone, you can use Lyft Concierge.

Creating a Senior Transportation Plan for Someone in St. Pete

Contact us to develop a customized senior transportation plan or for help tackling senior driving safety or other concerns.