Are you ready for some summer fun? After living a pretty restricted existence over the past year plus, many of us feel excited to be vaccinated and get out and do more. At the same time, we know many of our older clients aren’t as mobile as they once were, social circles have changed, or they may need to modify activities a bit. Not to worry! EasyLiving has a list of fun activities for seniors and ideas for all interests.

Summer fun should be safe (and comfortable). Elders can be especially prone to heat-related illness and dehydration, so check out our staying cool tips and our elder safety precautions for summer.

Summer Fun Activities for Seniors

Family Time Summer Fun

Probably our top suggestion for summer fun in 2021 is a focus on family. Many elders have not been able to hug the grandkids or travel to see extended family in a while. With the school holidays, now is the perfect time to spend some extra time with the grandchildren and other family members. This can be as simple as a visit, whether you travel to them or host them at your home. If they live nearby, a sleepover is still fun. If they live further away, maybe you can plan a longer visit this summer.

What can you do with the grandkids for summer fun? Well, pool and beach time are popular with most kids of all ages. Here are some other ideas:

Getting Creative: 8 Ways to Entertain Your Grandchildren

Things to Do in the Clearwater area with Grandchildren

Even when you’re not together, you can have some summer fun together with online games! These are some suggested online games/activities for grandparents and grandkids.

Think of what you liked to do as a kid for summer fun. Share these activities and get out and play with your grandkids! Tell them stories about your summers as a kid.

Take time to listen to and explore their interests. Do a little research online for summer fun that fits their interests. For example, one grandchild might be active and love the outdoors. There are amazing parks (and obviously beaches) all around Tampa Bay, outdoor adventures, and even a day out on the bike trails. You can do activities early in the day to stay cool. If you aren’t up for the level of activity they are, you can go along and observe then have a picnic after. Another kid might be more into the arts and there are so many activities in Tampa Bay to suit them. The Dali Museum in St. Pete is a must!

Of course, just spending time at home together creates meaningful memories and connections. Get to know each other’s favorite movies, books, and TV programs. Play games or teach your grandchild how to play chess or a skill they want to learn. Eat (and maybe cook!) together. Your attention and time are more important than what you’re doing.

Explore Your Area Like a Curious Visitor

Somewhere around 30 million tourists visit Tampa Bay every year. We live in a desirable location, but it’s common to forget all the gems in your own backyard. For summer fun this year, play tourist. Pretend you’re on a visit to the area and scope out the things you’d want to do. You might discover new things on your doorstep, or rediscover old favorites you’ve neglected (especially this past year).

To get started with local summer fun, check out:

The Pinellas County Visitors site

Visit Tampa Bay (including an awesome summer fun list of events)

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater (look at the “Best of” winners for top sites, restaurants, things to do, spas, and more)

Explore Pasco County, Florida’s “Sports Coast”

Keep Your Body and Mind Active: Fun Activities for Seniors, with Benefits

Boosts for the Brain

Lifelong Learning Opportunities (including many free classes)

Brain Boosting Hobbies

Online activities: one good thing to come out of the awful pandemic is a surge in online activities available and many people discovering them. Museums started providing virtual visits, tour guides put their tours or “local experiences” out on Airbnb experiences, and people started Zoom parties and discussion groups. While we may crave returning to in-person activities, there are a lot of benefits to also having virtual options. This is especially true for seniors who may not drive anymore or have limited mobility. During the hot summer months in Florida, taking part in some online activities can be a way to stay cool and active.

Move Your Body

Home Workouts: even though lockdown may not be the reason, home workouts are always useful for seniors. Find something you enjoy doing (along with these ideas, there are many routines on YouTube) or just do some stretches or regular movement while at home.

Pinellas County Fitness Zones–outdoor spaces with built-in fitness options

Check out your local senior center or community center for an array of fitness classes for all levels. Tai Chi and yoga are great for fall prevention!

Check out more ideas in our article Beat the Heat: Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers.

Our caregivers are here to make sure you have fun all year round! Of course we provide home safety services and in-home support, but we also offer companionship, activity planning, and can accompany you on outings. We make sure our clients are safe and comfortable in all their activities. Our caregivers help their clients remain active and stay on track with their fitness routines.