Quality Alzheimer’s care enhances quality of life for the person with memory loss. EasyLiving offers the ideal Alzheimer’s care solution: care from trained dementia specialists in the familiar surroundings and routine of home. Your loved one benefits from a happier, healthier life in the comfort of home, and you benefit from peace of mind and support.

EasyLiving Alzheimer’s care program features:

  • Activities, games and outings tailored to the individual to keep the mind and body active; social stimulation and reminiscence, structured activities/routine.
  • Help maintaining proper care of the household when memory deficits impede the ability to provide upkeep and maintenance
  • Assistance with hygiene and personal care, even when clients are resistant to bathing or changing clothes; dignified support to ensure continued hygiene without a struggle.
  • Safe escort to appointments , errands and outings with a watchful eye and awareness of wandering and safety issues.
  • Respite care for Alzheimer’s caregiver support
  • One-on-one care to assist with special needs or enhance quality of life in a care facility
  • Extra support for clients experiencing Sundowner’s syndrome and disturbed sleep patterns (late day or overnight supervision)
  • Personalized safety support: expertise in redirection and managing challenging behaviors or flight risks/wandering
  • Professional consultation services to address issues like driving concerns, decisions about care, managing difficult behaviors

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Frequently Asked Questions about EasyLiving Alzheimer’s Care

I have trouble getting my loved one to change clothes or take a bath. How do you deal with this?

Our caregivers receive specialized Alzheimer’s care training. They learn specific techniques to overcome resistance to personal care and provide a dignified routine for hygiene needs. The client’s care plan is built around their routine and best ways to handle their needs.
We try to understand their best times for certain tasks, approaches and redirection techniques that work best with this client.

How can my loved one participate in activities they have always enjoyed when I’m concerned about their safety?

Have a trained caregiver oversee activities and keep a watchful eye on your loved one, or provide the extra support they need.  Our caregivers can assist with activity suggestions and ways to modify activities to fit the individual’s current functioning.  They can provide extra support, even in an assisted living community, to keep your loved one active while remaining safe.

What about outings and getting around now that my loved one can’t drive anymore?

We can provide transportation services, for any appointments, events, errands or just to get out of the house.  Our caregivers ensure your loved one is safe while out, and will provide personal care support and hands on assistance as needed (i.e. help to the bathroom, getting in and out of a chair or car safely).

I have been caring for my loved one myself.  When should I consider help from EasyLiving?

As primary caregiver, it is paramount that you stay healthy for your loved one.  Consider EasyLiving a support system for you—perhaps to take a short break or get other tasks done, while we assist with your loved one.  Hiring EasyLiving allows you to maintain the safe and secure care of your loved one at home longer, and helps them (and you!) stay healthier.

I’m a long distance caregiver.  What special help do you offer long distance Alzheimer’s caregivers?

We can tailor a plan to ensure your loved one’s safety and wellbeing, and communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you connected from a distance.  We use a telephone clocking system and an electronic care plan platform so you stay involved and informed.

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Everyone of our caregivers is trained by Licensed State Approved Alzheimer’s Instructor. We focus our training on Alzheimer’s disease and other related Dementias.

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