The holiday shopping season is here! Are you excited for Black Friday shopping or still trying to organize your gift list?Holiday gifts

Your older relatives can be hard to buy for, especially if they are downsizing or have reduced certain activities due to limited mobility or health issues. Here are some ideas to consider to show your appreciation and love for your elderly loved ones (at the holidays, for birthdays or any time), even those who have moved in to an assisted living facility or nursing home:

  • Think about things your loved one or friend uses regularly. Small items (i.e. a “care package”) can be useful and appreciated, such as tissues, lotion, soaps, favorite treats, etc.  If a loved one resides in an assisted living facility, these small luxuries can be very valuable.
  • Gifts of time and homemade gifts may be most appreciated by someone who doesn’t need much or has limited space. Some ideas: grandchildren’s art projects, a special meal out or prepared and brought over to eat together, an afternoon spent shopping and gift wrapping together, baking your great-grandmother’s cookies.
  • Put together a memory book, create a photo gift or personalized item or small photo album.  Help set up a pretty bulletin board in a prime location with photos, cards and important information.
  • If you live at a distance, consider hiring someone to help with a project or assist with shopping. If you can’t be together during particular holidays, can you plan a visit shortly afterwards to be able to look forward to celebrating together?
  • Consider a charitable donation done in your loved one’s name.  Someone who is very involved in a charity or has a favorite cause may appreciate this as much as receiving a gift, and you can donate to almost any cause in creative ways such as “adopting” an endangered animal, helping someone through “microlending” or giving charity gift cards.  Check out this article from CNN about 5 Tips for Giving the Gift of a Charitable Donation for the Holidays.

For more ideas and some websites/stores that specialize in products for seniors with limited mobility, nursing home residents and grandparent gifts, visit Aging Wisely’s article on senior gifts.

Contact EasyLiving, Inc. for help around the holidays and at any time of year.  Our senior home companions and caregivers can help: with shopping; filling out holiday cards, wrapping gifts and mailing packages; accompanying your loved one to an event or family outing; escorting an elderly relative on a trip to visit the family; housecleaning and meal preparation; and extra help and support with personal care and companionship.

If you have concerns about an elderly loved one’s health or wellbeing at the holidays, contact us at 727-448-0900 to discuss how we can help, including assisting in a crisis such as a hospitalization or fall.